Types of Car Seats: Who should be in them and how?


0 – 2yrs: Rear – Facing Car Seat for Babies


This is the car seat for babies that faces the back of the car. It should be used from birth up to 2 years old or until the child outgrows the height and weight limit of the car seat.

Hey New Mommy and New Baby! You are so precious. Please note:

          • Never hold your baby in your arms or share a seat-belt with them when you’re in a moving car. Your baby must be in their own properly-secured car seat for babies.
          • The baby should be placed in a rear-facing child restraint system (also called an infant car seat) in the back seat of the vehicle.


               2 – 5 yrs: Forward – Facing Car Seat for Babies

  • Once your baby has outgrown the rear facing seat, he /she should sit in a car seat for babies in the back seat. Also always ensure they are buckled up properly for those oopsie bumps along the road. 

    Keep in Mind:

        • A child’s skull is not as strong as that of an adult’s. Hence, children of this age need a restraint system that limits forward head movement and that offers protection from a side impact.
        • The best type of child restraint for children this age is the child safety seat. The harness secures the child and spreads the crash forces over a wide area.

5 yrs: Booster Car Seat for Kids  

A child needs a car booster seat when they have outgrown the height and weight recommendations of their safety seat. 

Booster seats raise the seating position of the child so that the adult seat belt lies properly across the chest. The belt crosses diagonally at the child’s shoulder rather than the neck, and low across the pelvis.The child car booster seat also has a back and provides some protection during a side impact.

These seats are designed for weights ranging from 15 to 25 kg. Children should use them until the car lap and diagonal belts fit them properly.This usually happens when the child is around 145cm tall.


6 – 14 yrs: Booster Seat Belts & Booster Cushions for Kids

Booster cushions without backs are designed for weights from 22 kg to 36 kg.

Once your child’s eyes are level with the top of the back seat of the car or they weigh 26kg or more, they can use a seat belt, but only if the seat-belt fits them correctly:

        • The lap belt must be low over the bony part of the hips (not over the stomach)
        • The sash must not touch their face or neck when all slack is removed.
        • When using an adult belt, either alone or with a booster seat, don’t allow your child to place the sash portion of the belt under their arms or behind their back.

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