Being Selfish  – a noble deed of self love, indeed!

Being selfish is a difficult concept for women to digest.  Perhaps because it is our natural inclination to give, and give some more. To love and nurture, and tend to the nest first. Certainly, this is commendable – but real queens fill their cups first. And, consequently, pour love, kindness and positivity from a full cup. 

Embracing Womanhood

Come hitherto young ladies and lend an attentive ear.   A princess you were born, and a princess you shall remain. Gracious and elegant, beautiful and bright.  With all its magnificence, being a Queen is hard work. Be selfish, if you must as you embrace your womanhood.

Royal tips on how to be selfish, or to self-love – just like a queen:


Beauty Sleep :

You’ve heard this before. And it couldn’t be said better. Close your eyes and let your mind wander. And awake at last, with skin aglow and bright damsel’s eyes, a spring in your step and a refreshed mind and soul, ready to touch the world with your magnificence.

Take a Friendship Detox

Floating hearts and thumbs up on social pages, a world of like and share for every pout. Is this what happiness is about? Delete toxic followers, and toxic feeds from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Be selfish enough to share your life and time only with those you love. Build a following, or a kingdom of love.

Seek Solitude

It’s OK to be alone sometimes. To say no to the party invite. To choose to read a book instead of going to the movie. Discover who you are, dream your dream and fly a fantasy of who you want to be. You will be You. And when you meet again, happy and fulfilled, you will enjoy being present in the moment.

Groom for yourself, not your groom

Living happily ever after, doesn’t mean selling your soul! Grooming begins now and never stops. Gift yourself the selfish gift of leisurely spa days, of pampering and self love. Love your body, your temple. While the mask dries off , and the green juice is being prepared, bask in royal splendor.

Paradise at her feet

It is said that paradise lies at the feet of the mother… why wouldn’t it? It carried the days weight and more. Heavenly foot massages, manicured nails and luxurious soaks  – an act of self-love unparalleled.

A sprinkling of water and herbs

You are what you eat. Enough Said. Now be selfish enough to pack a lunch for yourself first, to top up the water bottles and be sure to eat on time.

Exercise to keep the heart beating

With every breast-stroke, with every step, with every cycle, hike, ace or goal… love what you do. For you. Love yourself. Love your heartbeat. Dedicate selfish time for an exercise routine that keeps you ticking. 

There’s time for everything

Solace can be found in many places. Today you may actually need to be busy at work or school, tomorrow you may need to be with your family. Be selfish enough to know when to cut off.. to unplug at work and be home.. or to turn off the study lamp and be with your family. Manage your time, and you will manage yourself, your majesty.


To self love is to be selfish… and selfishness breeds worthiness

Life Day Spa has set the scene for a royal treat. Queens and their princesses can enjoy a:

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  • Lovely Leg Ritual (foot soak, scrub & heavenly massage)
  • Time together Mini High Tea (cookies and Cream Babycinos & a selection of treats)

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