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Milk –Honey –and Avocado!

Avocados are a stone fruit, with a mild flavour and culinary resourcefulness. Add this fruit to a glass of milk for kids so they get all the goodness of avos while enjoying their favourite drink. This liquid snack packed with healthy fats will keep the little ones full in cases of appetite loss.

Although avocados are high in fats, it is reputed to be a good fat also known as mono unsaturated fats. The potential health benefits of avocados includes immune system boost and it is recommended for its nutritional value and as a curative fruit because of its protein rich qualities, vitamins, iron and fibre

Avocado Milk Recipe

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1-2 Avocados (ripe)

3 cups of milk (preferably nut milk)

Raw organic honey to taste


  1. Scoop the ripe avocados into a blender, add milk in small amounts to reach the preferred consistency and add a teaspoon of honey – depending on your taste preference.
  2. Blend on medium to high speed for 2 to 3 minutes or until desired consistency is reached.

More uses

  1.  Add avocado meal as first food for babies, its mild taste and soft texture makes a perfect meal.
  2. Substitute butter with avocado as a spread on bread, also works well as a cheese replacement in salads (reduced calories) – it is a good fat after all.
  3. Add lemon juice to avocados as a snack, and to avoid the fruit turning black.
  4. And a favourite for us, use avocados as a dip for snacks – be adventurous on this.

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