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I plead guilty to using the television as a distraction tactic. Out of desperation trying to get just 5 min to get done whatever it is I need to do like cooking, packing my handbag clearing the kitchen, I pop the little ones in front of the TV in hope it will numb their brain and deactivate them. It never works though as within seconds there is this little being hanging onto my leg with puppy dog eyes pleading with me to pick them up.

Thankfully I have found much more creative, stimulating ideas to keep them busy while I get on with my chores. I would like to share with you my secret to success.

I have three minimal preparation, easy to clean, play ideas for different times of the day that are sure to keep tantrums at bay and keep the little ones busy.

Need help with the morning rush?

Sit the little one at the table and provide:
1. a slice of white bread
2. a few little containers of milk tinted with food colouring
3. a pastry brush or teaspoon

Leave them to go to town creating a masterpiece on bread. Provided it’s not a soggy mess pop it into the toaster and serve with butter and cheese. Breakfast masterpiece served…
This is a wonderful fine motor activity.

arty tots sunninghill bread

For the afternoon or trying to get dinner on the table

Have an ice tray prepared in the freezer that contains water and those small odd toys that just keep popping up all over. Provide:
1. a plate
2. bowl of water
3. a teaspoon or squirty type bottle.

Encourage them to pretend to be ice archeologist excavating a glacier that contains the secrets of the ice age. This activity is great for snack time with toddlers; just replace the toys with chunks of fruit. This type of play is great for the imagination and enforces patience and perseverance.

arty tots sunninghill dinner

In the evening at bath time

Take of few minutes to soak your feet and catch a breather while you supervise. Provide them with:
1. an ice tray filled with a mixture of conditioner
2. food colouring
3. an old toothbrush or make up brush

Leave them to unleash their creative spirit in the bath. Awesome sensory activity involving touch, smell and sight and the mess is contained and simply washes away.

arty tots sunninghill bathtime

Have fun and send us more activities you may have for kids.

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