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Amidst all the confusion around schooling,  what if you decided your child should leave his/ her current school and consider alternative schooling? How would you go about this and what schooling options do you have?

While some parents are relieved to be sending their kids back to school, others are certainly in doubt. And, rightfully so.  There are those who:

  • are afraid of getting sick (Covid anxiety)
  • may have underlying conditions like diabetes or asthma
  • are afraid of infecting vulnerable family members 
  • are afraid of infecting the community (especially teachers)
  • may require more affordable schooling.

This has certainly spurred on the need for more schooling options. So, what choices do you have?

Tuition and additional support

Repeat the year? Why not? Kids can use this year to learn what they can through tuition, but then repeat the year to re-inforce concepts, and get the necessary accreditation. Many parents have opted for this advantage. Do note that you may still be liable for school fees for this year. There are a number of available resources to help you improve your marks and boost your overall performance.

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  • AGE: 3yrs – 18yrs
  • WHERE: All Areas
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Kumon offers Maths and English learning programmes for students of all ages and abilities. The re- structured program allows continuity with lessons during Covid-19, offering home-based study with remote online support. Available nationwide, Kumon centres are open to new enrolments. Enquire now.


  • AGE: 3yrs – 18yrs
  • WHERE: All Areas
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Kumon Parkwood is now on Zoom! Join the leaders in home-based learning for Maths and English Zoom and in-centre classes. Plus, receive additional online homework support. Check out the Covid-19 specials.  Enquire now. (

  • GRADES: 4-7
  • WHERE: Online
  • CLICK HERE for more information

CAPS aligned, award-winning e-learning platform for grades 4 – 7. Interactive content can be used online or downloaded and printed. This is the ideal resource if your child has gone back to school and needs extra help or is learning at home. Enquire now.


  • AGE:  6yrs – 8yrs
  • WHERE: Randburg, Centurion and Online
  • TYPE:  Extra Lessons, Remedial Therapy & Homeschool tutoring
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Dedicated to provide the best educational and emotional support to learners, you can homeschool with an experienced tutor online or at home. Led by an educational specialist with 20 years teaching experience. The school further offers remedial therapy, extra lessons and an on-site educational psychologist.  Making a difference in every child.  Enquire now.

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Online and on-site learning

The growing trend is to opt for homeschooling, due to its flexibility and affordability. Homeschooling allows kids to learn either at home or at a homeschool centre. Purchase a curriculum package and relevant resources and choose a learning centre. This option does however require the assistance of parents and tutors. Below is a list of good curriculum providers and learning centres:

  • Curriculum Providers


  • GRADES: R – 12
  • WHERE: Online
  • CLICK HERE for more information

South Africa’s largest homeschooling curriculum provider, Impaq provides the necessary products, services, and tools to enable your child to complete school at home. After successful completion of Grade 12, Impaq candidates qualify to receive a National Senior Certificate (NSC).  Enquire now.


  • GRADES: R – 12
  • WHERE: Online
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Benefit from a world-class curriculum! The CAPS aligned homeschool package includes materials, assessments, guidance and continuous support for all grades. Always mindful of what matters most – your child.  Enquire now.

  • Learning Centres


  • GRADES: R -12 
  • WHERE: Centurion | Claremont | Northcliff | Jhb South | Pta East
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Your gateway to education success. Improve and reach your potential in a non-traditional school. With constant feedback, investment in, and development of students’ academic performance and EQ (emotional intelligence), Abbotts College can confidently guarantee academic success. Enquire now

schooling options young black boy doing homework


  • AGE: 3yrs – 10yrs
  • WHERE: Linden
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Opens a new door for autistic and special needs kids! Develop their potential far above expectations as they are nurtured and taught in a therapeutic environment. Small groups allow holistic development of each child at its own pace, focusing on life skills and health and diet in an environment free of toxins and harmful chemicals. Enquire now


  • GRADES: 8 – 12
  • WHERE: Ferndale
  • CLICK HERE for more information

A safe and nurturing alternative education centre offering small classes of  max 8 learners. The centre aims to empower learners to achieve full potential at their own pace. Get all the academic support you need, with individual attention from experienced educators. Enquire now


  • GRADES: 10 -12
  • WHERE: Randburg | Online
  • Type:
  • CLICK HERE for more information

For your convenience: an online, CAPS aligned homeschooling tuition centre that lets you work from the comfort of your home AND provides and marks your NSC portfolios! OR choose part/full time onsite tuition and complete or rewrite matric in a stress free and helpful environment. Enquire now


  • GRADES: R – 7
  • WHERE: Randburg  | Online
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Join the personalized online program for your child’s special needs. Incorporating Brain Gym and educational kinesiology with the current GDE curriculum, Hannaford’s tutors will guide you every step of the way. Available for Grades R-7, both online and additional onsite support. Enquire now


  • AGE: 12m – 5yrs
  • WHERE: Bryanston
  • Type:
  • CLICK HERE for more information

More than school – this is family! A small, nurturing, pressure-free and stimulating environment supporting a play based learning program. Let them explore and learn in a sensory rich, fun and engaging world that aids in developing well rounded, independent and confident children. Enquire now


  • GRADES : 000 – 11 | Special Needs
  • WHERE: Midrand
  • CLICK HERE for more information

A home based cottage school that prides itself in its innovative methods of teaching with different learning styles. Learners will thrive on attention and enjoy a wide range of stimulating programs, such as science lab, specialised art, coding, speech and drama and French. Get up to 30% off for first time enrolments. Enquire now


  • GRADES: 000 – 7
  • WHERE: Fourways | Chartwell
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Where the holistic development of your child is priority! With passionate and driven teachers and nature as a teacher too, pre- and primary school kids are set to receive an international level of education. The established campuses produce happy children with excellent academic results. Enquire now


  • GRADES: 8 – 12
  • WHERE: Lanseria | Online
  • Type:
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Rethinking high school education? Switch to e-learning with an easy transition from mainstream, using the CAPS aligned material for online education. Obtain your NSC certificate from the comfort of your home. Onsite lessons also available at various venues. Send your contact details.


  • GRADES 10 -12
  • WHERE: Auckland Park | Lynnwood
  • CLICK HERE for more information

You’re unique, so should your education be! Together with Impaq, this flexible and accessible learning environment boasts experienced teachers and tutors that will guide you throughout your learning journey. Sportsmen, distance learners, travellers, matric rewrites – take the different approach to suit your schedules. Enquire now

schooling options black teenage girl doing robotics


Choose a unique combination of face-to-face and online lessons to suit your needs. Well supported classes for Grades 4-12, using the Impaq curriculum. Available at both the Randburg and Sandton centres.  The perfect solution in these uncertain times. Enquire now.


  • GRADES: R – 9
  • WHERE: Risidale
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Striving to produce independent, confident, responsible and intellectual learners to lead tomorrow! The homeschool centre caters for Grades R – 9, using both the Clonard and Brainline curriculum programmes. Experienced teachers and therapists assist kids daily. Enquire now.


  • GRADES: 7 – 12
  • WHERE: Benoni
  • CLICK HERE for more information

With a unique combination of both Brainline  and Impaq, the homeschool centre ensures students receive quality education. Reach your full potential! Complete Gr 7-12 IEB or CAPS aligned with the help of dedicated tutors. Zoom classes offered to cater for Covid-19. Enquire now!


  • GRADES: 8 – 12
  • WHERE: Robertsham | Olivedale
  • CLICK HERE for more information

A micro-school for students who would thrive in a smaller and more meaningful learning space. With one teacher for up to 10 students, a progressive learning approach, CAPS aligned Mindscape curriculum and years of experience, the homeschool centre is a cut above the mainstream. Enquire now


  • GRADES: 0 – 8
  • WHERE: Fourways
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Bridging the gap between mainstream and special needs, the assisted learning school caters instead for students who face certain learning barriers and social or emotional challenges. Their neurodiverse approach, backed up by remedial therapists and dedicated teachers, ensures that all students are included, catered for and supported. Enquire now

Online schooling options

What the future may look like. In this instance, your kid can de-register from his/her current school and register with an online school. As opposed to homeschooling, online schooling offers live lessons  and assessments etc are all submitted via portals. It is structured learning, with a guiding hand and conclusive results. Whilst parents only oversee homework, kids who may not be used to this kind of discipline may require additional support.


  • GRADES: R – 9
  • WHERE: Online
  • CLICK HERE for more information

An exciting new schooling experience centred around your child’s unique learning profile. The curriculum mapping system, based on one developed at MIT, is designed to take each child on a journey of personal mastery, where they advance at their own deliberate or accelerated pace. Enquire now



  • GRADES: Stage 6 – 9 IGCSE | 10yrs – 18yrs
  • WHERE: Online
  • CLICK HERE for more information

Specialists in nurturing your child to become a confident, independent learner through online learning with personal coaching and subject specialist tutoring. PLUS get 50% off an academic planning consultation, and purchase Cambridge textbooks at great prices too. Enquire now

Checklist: helping you make the switch

When choosing from the schooling options, make sure you :

  • de-register from your current school (check the refund policies, and transfer/termination notice periods)
  • apply to the GDE for homeschooling (most institutions offer this service)
  • check that the institution is SACAI compliant (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute  which monitors education providers who adhere to the Department of Basic Education’s CAPS curriculum)
  • check the curriculum on offer at the institute and ensure there is an easy transition to and from mainstream school, should your child wish to return to mainstream schooling. The various curricula available in SA are:
      • CAPS ( the current government curriculum)
      • IEB ( some private schools curriculum)
      • Cambridge ( a British curriculum)
      • GED ( American curriculum)
  • check that the certification obtained is sufficient for your career choices and university entry. Other than NSC and IEB, one may be required to apply for Matric Exemption before applying at a university. The different certifications are:
      • NSC ( National Senior Certificate): what we know as the matric certificate, or high school diploma, recognised in SA.
      • IEB (Independant Examination Board): also known as a matric certificate, recognised in SA
      • HIGCSE, IGCSE, NQF, A levels, O Levels: British qualifications after completion of the Cambridge Curriculum
      • GED (General Education Diploma): American qualification,  closest comparable qualification to the NSC 

More schooling options 

Johannesburg has a wealth of schools that may be better suited for your child. Click here to browse through a list of these schools and various schooling options, each catering for different needs.

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