Natural Dynamix is a school  offering a non-traditional conscious approach to mainstream education from pre-school to high school, based in Radiokop.



By Kamini Naran stay at home mum to 3 gorgeous boys, Kamini also runs a small baking business.

Natural Dynamix is truly a progressive private school that practices conscious schooling. In my experience, they practice what they believe – that all children are unique, learn in many different ways, love to learn and need to be children. Natural Dynamix deliver excellence through learning which is multidimensional, interactive and respectful.

Schooling the ND way is totally different to other standard schooling, so it was a scary step to leave a large private school and try something new. I kept looking for the private school I left behind.  There is a  no homework policy, and they offer gardening and culinary lessons as part of the curriculum across  grades.  All this was very daunting for me, BUT my son had become a happy, curious and enthusiastic boy with a confidence level that is just growing.

I really appreciate that the teachers at ND let me know immediately if my son has had a difficult day and the small classes allow for individual attention. They are very observant and caring and notice the attention and comprehension of each child. Parents are always kept informed.

My son has been off his ADD medication for a year now and has picked up weight, comes home talking bout what they did at school, outside all the time, less television, very far from the depressed, unhappy child he was at the other school.

By Jane Bentley, a wife, mother, registered dietician and health & transformational coach.  I choose life – healthy, happy and whole. 

I sought out Natural Dynamix as I needed to pursue an education system that would encourage ‘out the box’ thinking, would value each person for their unique potential, and would strengthen weak areas in a constructive way.

My daughters were both unhappy at the large private school they were attending. One was bored, with terrible performance anxiety, despite cruising at the top of her class each year, the other had changed from happy-go-lucky to tearful & unconfident, who thought she was a loser, because she is a kinetic learner, and sitting at a desk was intolerable to her.

The multi-grade classes have allowed my children to be stretched, and fit into their own comfort zones. The mixed age group also ensures that there are always children at different learning stages, so concepts can be thoroughly explored and explained at different levels, ensuring understanding for all. It has also  helped the children to develop and understanding of compassion and a desire to help anyone struggling in class.

I have gone from hearing almost nothing about the school day, to continuous chatter about everything and more! They repeat all the science experiments at home, test me on my parts of English speech, write stories for fun, practice their Afrikaans and Zulu (which can be really funny) – but they are trying to speak, rather than refusing to try in case they make a mistake! My children have grown exponentially in confidence, ability and relational skills as negotiation and interpersonal skills are actively developed by the teachers. They love the cooking classes, are learning responsibility and care for the earth in gardening, and learning many lessons as they climb trees, follow winding garden paths, and run and play with carefree abandon.

Both Kamini and Jane feel from their experience that sometimes parents need to put aside fears and do what is best for our children. “Natural Dynamix is a small school with a classes of 12 kids each and I know that it will grow bounds and leaps because when children are put before profit the outcome is amazing and rewarding.” Kamini

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