While pre-primary and primary schools are regulated in South Africa, aftercare and holiday care are not. This means that just about anyone can run after school care or holiday programmes, which can often result in an unstructured, unsafe and an unhappy environment for your child.

Sherpa Kids:  Trusted aftercare & holiday care

Sherpa Kids is an international programme  trusted by thousands of parents all over the world to take care of their childrens’ before-school, aftercare, and holiday care needs.


Holiday care

Sherpa Kids offers fun and engaging holiday programmes all year round. From 7am – 6pm, kids are well fed and well cared for while you enjoy peace of mind at work.  Snacks & lunch included.  A new theme everyday with a variety of activities included: arts & crafts, music & drama, fun food & experiments and sports & games.

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After school care

Whether your child needs caring for until 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, or if they need caring for five days a week or just one day, Sherpa Kids can help! Children have so much fun at Sherpa Kids that they often don’t want to leave. We provide them with a snack, supervise their homework, let them play, and engage them with fun, themed and stimulating activities. You can rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a fabulous time. Find out more. 

Before school care

Whether you are an early starter or need to travel a distance to work, Sherpa Kids is able to provide Before School Care for your child. This may start as early as 6.30am and involve breakfast and free play time for your child in a warm, caring environment. Click here to find a centre near you.



Questions to ask about aftercare and holiday care services

How do you know that your child is well looked after? Sherpa Kids ticks all these boxes! 

1. Active engagement & stimulation

Are children actively engaged & stimulated.  Theme-based activities, specifically designed to be age and stage appropriate, are critical to a comprehensive educational programme. Ensure there’s time for active play and extra-mural activities, but you also want the children to be in an environment where they can use their own imagination and curiosity to play freely under supervision. If the school programme is endorsed by a local or international education authority, such as the The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), even better.

2. Aftercare structure

Is there a structure to the afternoon aftercare? The afternoon needs to start with a formal roll call system. If a child is not there, it is important to know why. This will be followed by lunch, when appropriate, and then homework supervision. The duration of homework supervision needs to be flexible, depending on the age and stage of the child. There also needs to be time for structured activities and free play. It’s very important that after-care  is about learning through play. Children need time to relax and play in their own time.

3. First aid

Are the staff trained in first aid? This is a critical area that parents should investigate and many current providers at schools fall short here. International best practice requires at least one staff member trained in paediatric first aid be on site at all times and renew their qualifications after 2 years. The most frequent causes of death in children under the age of 12 are anaphylactic shock (allergic reactions) and choking… paediatric first aid ensures that staff members will know how to deal with these. 

4. Behaviour management & incident reporting

Are staff trained in behaviour management and incident reporting? Why it’s important is because staff members need to be able to know how to manage children in a variety of different circumstances. Scenario-based training is ideal for this. The staff also needs to know how to appropriately communicate with the parents. Transparency is vital and parents need to be informed.

5. Sun smart principles 

Are sun smart principles applied during playtime? If sun smart ( no hat, no play)  isn’t being implemented as a school rule, it is almost impossible for it to apply effectively at after-school care. Ensure this is being done.

6. Holiday care

Is holiday care offered? You may be very happy with your after-school care provider, only to find out that there isn’t a holiday programme in place. Make sure you aren’t left stranded over the holiday periods.

7. Collection and sign out procedures

Are there collection and sign out procedures? Many after-school care or holiday care service providers allow children to sign out for themselves or wait at the gate after receiving a WhatsApp message. This is not an acceptable as it makes children very vulnerable. Only those with authorisation should be allowed to collect the children.

8. How is medication dispensed?

Centres should dispense medication in line with legal regulations; only give the child medication when a parent has handed in a consent form, along with the medication. These forms should be issued at the beginning of the year, for parents to use when the need arises.

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