by Graeme Sacks, a freelance guitarist, jingle writer and co-composer/producer/arranger/engineer of (amongst other things) kids music in the “African Treehouse” & “Goggatjie” series

As a composer I tend to spend a lot of my time in isolation, cooped up in a recording studio. I was aware that my CDs were selling, but they were being bought by faceless, nameless people. It’s always difficult to know if anyone really likes the music, and what kind of impact the albums are making. So it was a great surprise for me to see 140 kids  enthusiastically belting out my lyrics on a stage last week!

A few months ago, I received a call from the principal of St Dominic’s pre school. She asked for permission to use some of the songs from my CD “The African Alphabet” for the school’s end-of-year concert. A week ago, my songwriting partner and I were invited to the concert. We were expecting a little nursery school concert with a few kids on stage. Instead what we saw was a fantastic production comprising around 140 kids, well rehearsed and wearing the most beautiful costumes. Lions, elephants, hippos, kudu and even a life-size cardboard taxi! And the entire show was based on the African Alphabet CD. Quite an emotional experience for me!

Whenever we receive an email or a phone call from someone who has bought one of our albums, it makes it all worthwhile. It’s really nice to know that your music has made some kind of an impact, no matter how small.

So next time you read a book or hear a song that moves you, take some time to send a note to the artist. It gives us motivation to keep on making music, and you’d be surprised at how happy it will make someone!

Click here to view video clips of the St Dominic’s concert:

Click here to view photos from the concert

Graeme recently released a new kids CD entitled “African Numbers“, another invaluable teaching tool for parents and teachers.

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