by Martine Bauer,  part time working mom of an 11yr old girl and a  4 yr old boy,  passionate cook, reader and traveller. Visit her on Facebook

We recently took the kids to see the play African adventure and I really wanted to share our experience with your readers- all I can say is WOW!!! What a fabulous play. My 4 yr old, 11 yr old and us “ the geriatric parents” all had a wonderful time.

First off as we arrived there is an “interest table” in the foyer with all sorts of fossils/skulls/bones/pictures as well as a game ranger on hand to answer all questions popping out of enquiring minds- we could barely drag the kids away for the start of the play. The play itself was fabulous, the puppetry professional and there was enough “funny” to keep the kids and adults alike in stitches.

Then of course we had the moral story of protecting our rhino against poachers- so well done, it would be wonderful if all schools could organize a viewing for their learners. The best part- the play was only 60 minutes long ( no interval) and no time to get bored for a second!

Congratulations to all the cast and crew- I look forward to many more productions like this.

Many Thanks

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