by Genevieve Young, a Life Coach for teens and a Sri Sri Yoga teacher who also runs practical workshops on achieving wellness and centredness in these busy times. Visit her website to find out more.

Us women are truly wonderful creatures.

We are always ready to give to others, whether it be our friends, family, job, parents… Loving and nurturing others is our second nature, and it brings us a lot of joy and happiness.

But what women are not so good at is RECEIVING love, care and help. We say, “Don’t worry I’ll do it” when in actual fact we are exhausted and would love for someone else to do it.

Sound familiar?

For whatever reason, we find it hard to just say, “I need help” or “I can’t today”. Unfortunately the result of always giving out to others and not taking back is that we get more and more drained. We then tend to become angry and resentful towards those we love the most. Doesn’t really seem fair right?

The truth is that the people in your life would love to help and care for you, but just don’t how (because you’ve never told them!)

This Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to allow your loved ones to spoil you and learn a little more about how they can support you more often.

Here are some ideas:
1. Allow your husband or partner to do all the arrangements, shopping and planning for the Mother’s Day weekend. You will be tempted to jump in and help or give advice, but RESIST. Just trust your partner to do it and relax. Does it really matter if you don’t have the exact brand of bread you normally have? The rest and peace of mind you get from being looked after will be worth it, I promise.

2. Inform your family that you will be sleeping in on Mother’s Day. Let them know that you would really like some quiet time on that morning please. Tell then who to callthey urgently need something that morning, so they don’t bother you.

3. Call up your girlfriends and watch your favourite tearjerker. If your friends can’t come to you for the movie, plan the event at one of their houses. Just being yourself with your friends is food for the soul.

4. Let someone else cook and clean up. I know they are probably not going to cook what you had in mind, and perhaps not as well as you would have, but it’s ok. Your family is not going to starve and who knows, maybe you’ll discover a fabulous cook in your midst? Again, just relax and let it happen, no back-seat cooking please. That just defeats the whole relaxing part of it. If you still can’t let go, then get out of the house until the food is cooked.

5. Engage in your favourite creative activity or hobby. You’ve probably been putting this off, so get out your painting, sewing, scrapbooking, mosaic etc. Whichever activity that gets your creative juices flowing.

Here’s to you letting go this Mother’s Day and being spoilt!

Enjoy it, you deserve it !

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