By Helen Hansen, a Transformational Facilitator who lives in Bryanston  She has an 11 yr old son and loves helping people relax and achieve their goals through processes such as thermotherapy.   Visit her website to find out more. 

I started out 2017 with an intention diary.  By the end of February I found that there was one recurring theme, relaxation. I noticed when I cultivated calm and peace within myself then my day would flow easier, I would handle challenges differently as opposed to when I was uptight and, the cherry on top, my son would be calmer too.

The Art of Relaxation

Have you ever noticed that when you are calm and at ease you achieve more in your day even though it sometimes feels like you are taking longer at individual tasks. I’m not suggesting that being calm means you have to operate slowly. The tranquil feeling I’m referring to is the tone within your mind, emotions and breath rate. When one’s tone is not hopping about all over the place, when it’s focused and steady, poised like an arrow, you can aim with precision and when you are ready, release and strike. This cannot be done lying down or in a semi-unconscious state. Oh no, firing arrows requires skill, concentration, alertness and a certain amount of peace within.

5 Simple and Powerful Relaxing Techniques

  1. Invest 2 to 3 minutes per day breathing in and out deeply in a comfortable position
  2. Walk barefoot on the grass while soaking up minerals and earthing yourself
  3. Lie flat on your back, legs and arms spread out. This is a great midday recharger
  4. Soak in a 20 minute bath of Epsom Salts which eases the nervous system
  5. Do something you love and that brings you joy (which you will not feel guilty about afterwards)

Relaxation vs Achieving

Many clients of mine, especially during the first session or two, talk about relaxation and achieving their goals as two opposite sides of a magnetic pole. While the majority want to relax, they feel that if they relax then they won’t manifest their dreams or even fulfill their daily duties. The good news is that  when your body, mind and emotions are calm, this is the time when your true genius has the opportunity to step forward.

Benefits of relaxation in your body:

  • Your heart rate lowers
  • Your blood pressure lowers
  • Your immune system improves
  • Your breathing slows down;
  • Your parasympathetic nervous system is activated

When you take the plunge and relax, you may be pleasantly surprised at all the wonders that will follow from the choice of investing into yourself. You are worth it.

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