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A beautiful wandering fable of real lives without any explosions.

Bottom Line

What a great film. The film is interesting, engaging, moving and thought provoking, all without being self-consciously arty and off-the-beaten-track. It’s an easy watch that’s really worth watching.


It’s more a bunch of grapes than a grapefruit. The film is made up of many small sub-360plots that interweave themselves and softly touch each other here and there. The married man thinking of cheating on his wife. The young pretty girl who turns to turning tricks to help herself out of her life. The dentist in love with is dental aid. The father searching for his daughter. The jilted Brazilian beauty. Each story is powerful, and touching and relevant. Their intermingling is brilliantly done and holds our attention as much as the narratives themselves.


Each of the performances is immaculate. A hell of a claim, but true none the less. The cast is made up of un-known (to me) European and named Hollywood actors. And all deliver desperately real, really believable and intensely moving performances, none really better than any other. Each vignette shines, and each performance sparkles.


Fernando Meirelles is a genius, another tall claim, but again, I think, a true one. Along with his other films like City of God, The Constant Gardner, and Blindness, 360 seems to come from no-where. No big hoopla, no big glitz or glam, but huge integrity and major punch. 360 is masterfully directed, especially considering each small story has so little time to tell itself. But each is rich and fully formed. A real achievement of both writing and directing.


If you like art-house, and even if you don’t, go see it. Go go go. But if you think Saw, The Fast and the Furious or Transformers are the best films ever made, maybe give it a skip.

Don’t take your kids cos there’s some boobies, some sex and they might not know what’s going on at any given point. This is more of a date-night flik.

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