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Dear Merle & the rest of the Jozikids team

Just a quick note of thanks.

As a Dad (& husband ;-) I'd like to express my deepest gratitude for making my life easier. A quick visit to your site on a Thursday I jot down a few 'possibilies' from the exhaustive list of 'things to do', I present them to my wife & kids & they make the final choices.

They all wonder where I get these amazing ideas (I'm such a hero that keeping it a secret from them for now, although I have told all of my fellow Dads how to wrap your wife & kids around your finger ;-)

Keep up the great work.
Kind regards
David Crouch
Thank you for a fantastic website!!
Judy Malan
Just to let you know that your new layout is super, thanks for the great info.
Jacqui Higgins
Dear Jozikids team - I want to congratulate you on the most fantastic job you are doing. Jozikids has a buzz and vibe that keeps bringing me back to it. (I am not big on the internet)
Merle Caminsky
What a fantastic website, so informative. I must say before I decide to go out, I consult your website to see what activities we can do as a family. Towards month end when the rand is low free shows are most welcome. Keep up the good work.
Lerato Manana
Thank you for such a wonderful and helpful site!!! SUCH A GREAT SITE, a job well done!!!
Bronwyn Van Zyl
Hi there

You are certainly doing great job you and your team! I applaud you for this.
Thank you I really appreciate what you are doing for our kids and us.
Keitumetse Mahlangu
I am very impressed with the amount of information I am getting from your news letter. I am definitely recommending it to my friends.

Thanks a lot.
Audetta Skosana
As I am sure you are aware, there are quite a few Kids Directories currently available on line, however I can sincerely say that I think that yours is the one that I aspire to be like. You provide your information in such a clear, concise, fun and practical way.

Thank you for such an inspirational site!
Deborah Andrews
I would like to congratulate you on a fabulous website, I enjoy browsing through~ you know, sniffing for fun stuff to do with my children. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards
Nompumelelo Sithebe
This is such a brilliant idea. My son can look through the listings and make his own choices. Well done on this fab initiative.
Merle Favis
Hi, I love jozikids. Please come up with Joziadults.
khomotso Mkansie
Fantastic site, I cannot wait to have children!!!!
Callaghan Pey
What a fabulous web site you have made.Congratulations.
Catherine Stewart
Hi there, absolutely love this site. - I just love the functionality of it, so simple yet so easy to use - just perfect! It truly is an inspiration to me : )
Judith Muirhead
This is the best kiddies site ever!!!! It's perfect and makes life so much easier :)
Lindi Kananda
I am looking for a party theme for my son and was surfing the web. Your website is by far the most informative and helpful site I found. Thank you so much for making our lives easier and allowing us that link to all those beautiful ideas out there.
Uschi Wisser
Hi, this was my first time on your site and as much as I am ashamed to say, I never get around to doing things like these, but I just had to do so now - drop you a note of thanks and congratulations for such a fab website - it is a fantastic website. Very informative and user friendly. I enjoyed surfing your website and had to finally 'tear' myself away - else nothing would get done for the day. Keep up the good work and you can definitely be assured that my friends and family will get to hear about your site. Regards
Chantal Jacobs
Hi after listening to Lawrence show and da breakfast team talking of the website, I thought of just having a look at it "wow" its such a good informative site.
Roy Mkhonza
What a great idea you guys have come up with. You have made it so easy for my wife and I to find different places and things to do.Is it possible that you can have notice service either by email or sms of the highlights every Month.I hope that wont be too much for you guys, once again, well done.
Bupe Chapeshamano
By far - THE most effective and helpful website on local entertainment and things to do with my children aged 10 and 13. I found it inspiring. Thank you... please start thinking about teenagers too...
Claire Fox
Wow - your website is so useful. I heard about it on Kaya fm and I already have excellent options for my 4 yr old son.
Nico Letebele
I went to have a look at your website and found out that it's really a fantastic site that can be so helpful for parents and everybody involved with children. I will not forget to mention it to as many people as we can.
Michele Merrifield
Site is awesome! Congratulations on the idea and well done on all the hard work. I can only imagine how much effort goes into developing and maintaining it. I will definitely be a frequent visitor on the site. It is well structured and user friendly. It is such a relief to be able to have access to all this information! Previously it was always such a daunting task to get this type of info. You are an inspiration!
Marguerite Lamos
I love your website and what you are trying to do - find it the most comprehensive of all the kids sites I have been visiting lately for info.
I will do all I can to market you to friends etc
Helen Ward
Keep up the great work! Your website is a life saver for parents looking for fun things to do.
Leigh-Ann Tonkin
Nancy Sauerbie - Kulanga Cottages Bed & Breakfast Linden
THE SITE IS STUNNING! Congrats on a fantastic concept and really lovely site.
Lianne Burton, mother of Alex Ray, age 5, and editor of House and Leisure magazine.
I have just discovered your website through information received in the May Letter of the DSJ (Deutsche Schule). I am very impressed and happy that finally I have found a place with so much information on where to go and what to do with children. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work. I will pass this information on to all my friends with children.
Silvana Holden
This is truly an amazing web site which I access every week to find things to do with my little ones! - I tell all my friends about you! Thank you for making my life and planning so much easier.
Helen Wyatt - Hedgehog Lane

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