Go-karting in Magaliesberg

Find indoor and outdoor go-karting and quad biking venues for outings or events for all ages in Magaliesberg here. Select an area above and browse the list below.

Saddle Creek Adventures


Horse trail rides, quad biking, off road go-karting, archery and spa treatments
From 5 yrs - All ages

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Attention petrol heads and speed freaks of all ages! This is one directory you need to check out. Go karting indoors and outdoors is an Adrenalin rush like no other! You can take the whole family and enjoy a day on the tracks, book a party or simply bring a braai or picnic at certain go karting tracks for a day of fun.

Quad biking is just as thrilling! Explore different terrains on quad bikes for various ages.

How to use the go kart and quad bike venue directory

Get an overview on what’s on offer in Magaliesberg by scrolling through the listings. Click on the blue name of the company to find more information of what they offer as well as prices and contact details. Be sure to take note of operating days and times and whether you need to book to avoid disappointment.

Ready, steady, go!

Competitive driving or just cruising around the track, go karting is something everyone can enjoy. Hours go by as drivers zoom passed, lap after lap. It takes some amount of skill and ability to control the karts but once you get it, you’re on your way. Drivers will be given helmets and full safety instructions to ensure for a smooth driving experience (maybe not entirely smooth but definitely safe) Hands-on staff supervise the track.

Quad biking offers a unique way to explore your surroundings. You can travel further and faster than if cycling or walking, and you get to spend time in nature. Some venues have quad biking tracks as opposed to trails which are equally fun.

Motoring enthusiasts

Little boys, and girls of course, who are obsessed with cars and driving will delight in the go karting or quad bike experience. You’ll find riding venues in Magaliesberg that cater for different ages of kids and adults. Electric go karts, purpose built imported indoor racing karts and professionally designed tracks offer a variety of karting experiences. Indoor tracks great for rainy days and outdoor go kart or quad biking venues ideal for picnics, braais and family days as well as corporate functions.

Go karting and quad biking party venues

You’ll find some of these venues offering parties for kids and adults as well as corporate functions. Kids will be well entertained, endorphins flowing and adrenalin pumping while they enjoy the party. Corporate functions will have colleagues competing against each other with the winner never letting anyone hear the end of it! Click here for party venues.

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