Uke’s Playgroup

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venue Melville Johannesburg
time Mon - Fri: 7:45am - 12:10pm
cost R3050 per month for a 3 day week
R3740 per month for a 5 day week
age From 18 Months - 3 years old

Small, intimate playgroup for children 18 months-4yrs old

Uke’s Playgroup has been running since 2003 in the Melville/Auckland Park area. It is small and intimate so that each child gets the attention and stimulation he needs. Only 12-15 children in a group. 2 loving assistants, of which one is male, form part of the family. It’s so wonderful to have a male in a nurturing role, especially since we live in a society where so many father’s are absent or teachers are all female. It is also lovely to have a male figure at school, if you are single mom or a same sex female couple.

Children normally start in my baby group called The Wendyhouse and then move on to playgroup when they are ready. It is a very gradual and easy transition from baby group to playgroup. No need for it to be stressful for you or child. It is unique where in parent/childminder can stay until your child is fully settled at playgroup.

Diverse and progressive playgroup

We are a very diverse and progressive Playgroup. I have also done a few workshops on Adopted children, I have my own adopted child and therefore have a special interest in this area and through the years of being lucky enough to have many adoptees go through my Playgroup I have quite a bit of experience with issues that arise for parents and children.
Each area of learning is there to develop the child physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially in a playful environment.
The children at Uke’s Playgroup are really happy and loved.

Daily routine:
We have a good balance between free play and structured activity. Routine is important to make young children feel safe and secure. We start our morning with free play on arrival and then have a fun morning ring with songs and music. We do different art activities every day and make a big mess! It’s loads of fun. Children bring their own healthy snack. We have a music and movement ring every day. Loads of outside time in the Sandpit, Wendyhouse, riding on bikes, water play, mud kitchen, playing on jungle gyms, swinging etc. We end off each day with a Story just before home time. On Monday’s we have an extra mural called the Music box that comes in during school time. Wednesday we make little pizza’s and Friday’s is Fruit salad
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My daughter, Amira, went to the The Wendyhouse and then was in the Playgroup for close on two years. Uke is a very emotionally intelligent, kind and loving person. She understood my daughter and helped 'teach' both Amira and I, a first time parent. I would have been lost without her. Much appreciation always for Uke and her special school. Samantha

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