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UCMAS - Unique brain development program designed for children

UCMAS is a unique and scientifically-proven brain development programme designed for children to develop their latent mental power at a very early age when brain development is reaching its peak. The programme is suitable for children, and it offers the young an opportunity to accelerate their progress in mental ability, development and excellence.

UCMAS has been recognised worldwide for its proven results – with the most obvious being the learners’ fantastic mental arithmetic ability and speedy calculation after undergoing the mental arithmetic programme. Mental arithmetic compromises arithmetic calculation regardless of the complexity, using only the brain. What initially seems impossible becomes a reality with UCMAS!

We highly recommend this course, especially to children, especially those aged 4-12 years because studies show that 75% of the brain develops during this time. The brain is also considered extremely pliable and responsive to guidance at this time. Our exciting classes and energetic instructors ensure that our learners have fun as they learn!
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i-Maths- Maths program for young children, monthly subscription based program

i-Maths is a maths program for young children which is designed in accordance with the pattern of how children learn to understand mathematical concepts. Through mathematics, children learn to understand their world in terms of numbers and shapes. They learn to connect ideas to reason and to think logically. With i-Maths Express we offer a monthly subscription based program where you will receive your monthly package with 4 weeks of work. We aim to reach the whole South Africa not just areas with i-Math centres.

i-Maths comes with a complete set of learning kit that includes:
- strings
- tangram pieces
- a square nail-board
- colour picture cards
- colour building blocks
- number stickers
- colour chained beads
- abacus
- and geometrical picture stickers, that allow young children to have a complete hands-on approach to learning mathematics. All the material is tested to be safe for children.
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DNA G2 Dermatoglyphics

We firmly believe that, everyone is a genius, and a genius is a person who is able to utilize his talents and enhance his shortcomings into strength. There is a giant within everyone! The sooner we discover our innate potentials, the sooner our potentials can be inspired!

Our company is glad to announce that we are providing DNA G2 Dermatoglyphics, intelligence appliance for the curious, the blueprint to success, using the latest technology of fingerprints analysis. This appliance will uncover one's innate intelligence and unique potentials based on the integrated database and business intelligence software that provides the accuracy of 80-90%. This technology enables you to understand your children better, as well as letting the children understand themselves better.
We believe that no matter how lengthy the verbal explanation and elaboration may be, it can never be compared with using real, actual, tangible and multi-senses way of explaining mathematics, hence the use of tangible objects in the learning kit.
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