Toptots Sandton/ Woodmead

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venue Woodmead
time Classes are available Mon to Sat. Email me for further details.
cost Please contact me directly for fee information
age From 2 Months - 4 years old

Mother and child workshops

TOPTOTS was started at the end of 1994, in response to a need felt for parents to be able to meet other parents, and learn how to have quality interaction with their children.

Our Mission

To find the special gifts in each child, to set them on the road to success with love.
To enrich the lives of children, to give them a head start in life and help them reach their full potential.

To honour the work that parents do with their children. We believe that being with your children, and being involved in their lives with love, is the single most important thing that you will ever do with your life.

We hope to help grownups understand their children better, and to promote the bond of love between parents (or caregivers) and children.

Benefits of Toptops

Over the four years spent at TOPTOTS, your child will have been exposed to activities to strengthen and develop the following areas:
Gross Motor
Fine Motor
Music appreciation
Emotional Development
Social development
Coordination and many more

What happens at a Toptots class

* Free play - Social interaction
* Clean up - This encourages children to become responsible for cleaning up their own toys.
* Greeting song This greeting signals the start of the actual group.
* Stimulation - Individual boxes are packed for each age group.
* Parachute This is specifically a sensory exercise and will benefit all the TOPTOTS.
* Interactive Music Story - Three levels of participation: intellectually, emotionally and physically
* Creative - Art is child centered and can be messy.
* Textures We offer a variety of tactile experiences for all age groups.
* Gross Motor A varied programme that stimulates large muscle development and motor planning.
* Tea -Social interaction for mom.
* Music Time Chaotic expression. Action and instrumental songs with quality instrument.
* Pilates for baby - Ball activities are excellent for working on balance, joint compression, weight bearing, gravitational security and stimulation of the vestibular system, awareness of body in space and body position, and development of the large muscles.
* Action Song TOPTOTS are encouraged to do actions to music. Repetition is key.
* TOPTOTS I Love you- cuddle song for mom, to say thank you for the time spent playing and learning.
* Goodbye time - Our own special Toptots goodbye. This signals the end of the group.
* Each TOPTOT receives a sticker at the end of group.

Classes run once a week.
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