Think Camp - SA's Tech Camp for Kids & Teens

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age From 8 years - 15 years old

Learn coding, robotics and game design with Think Camp

Are your kids learning the skills they need for the tech focused future? From JavaScript and Python to Robotics and Game Design, Think Camp ensures kids and teens thrive in the high-tech world of tomorrow. Professionally designed lessons and passionate, specialised teachers guarantee every day produces maximum impact.

School holidays: a time when minds are open

A variety of different Think Camps are run every school holiday period, both for 3-term and 4-term schools. Some camps take place over a single day, other camps over two or more days. Our long, immersive days give students an opportunity to dive deep and maximise learning. Days start early, with flexible drop-off between 7:30am and 8:00am. Camps conclude at 3:30pm with certificate handout taking place at 3:00pm, followed by a student show-and-tell session with their parents.

Master coding: the language of machines

Learning to code teaches students how to think. On Think Camp, we explore coding from many different angles. From programming self-assembling structures in Minecraft, to mastering the logic and grammar of popular languages such as JavaScript, many of our camps work with this powerful skill.

Ignite a passion for robotics

Robots make learning fun. Watching a robot zip around performing the tasks you have coded is a thrilling experience. On Think Camp, we harness this excitement to give students a solid grounding in robotic automation. Our state-of-the-art robots provide ample opportunity for both novice and experienced robotics enthusiasts to master something new.

Develop critical skills through game design

The video game industry is now bigger than the film and music industries combined. Game design skills are now highly sort after in South Africa and abroad. And, of course, learning to make games is simply way cooler than just playing them. Think Camp is the only South African organisation offering kids and teens a foundation in this exciting opportunity.

Essential Think Camp details

Grades: 2 - 9
Days: Every school holiday period
Costs: Camps offered from R650
Locations: Please see website
Bookings and Info: Please see website

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