The Angus Lowe Experience - Programs for boys 10-21

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From 10 years old

Help your young men acquire essential life skills that will empower them for a lifetime

Adventure camps for boys aged 10-21

The Angus Lowe Experiences are designed to inspire and forge personal identities through adventure. All of our programmes are
inclusive & embrace neurodiversity. From the wildness of The Kruger Park to our urban nature reserves, growth opportunities are boundless.

21 Day ultimate program ages - 15-18 and 18-21

• Dive deep into a transformative journey set within the magnificent vistas of South Africa's Kruger Park.
• Embrace adventure-based learning focusing on emotional fitness, practical life skills, and resilience.
• Crafted to foster leadership skills and a profound understanding of one's identity.
Next dates Jan 2024, April 2024, June 2024

5 Day camp - Kruger Park - ages 13-14 and 15-18

• Increase self-confidence, learn to manage change and build leadership traits.
• Pre-High School and High School programmes specifically designed to foster social and
academic readiness.
Next dates: Dec 2023, Jan 2024

2 Day camp - Dainfern Jhb - age 10-12

• Angus Lowe offers engaging two day programmes set in the heart of Dainfern.
• Interactive camps that emphasise problem-solving, life skills and
building resilience, offering a comprehensive approach to
personal development
Next dates: Nov 2023, Dec 2023

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I have an amazing son, aged 15, who sometimes struggles to settle into group activities. He went on a school camp last year, which was an experience he was so glad to put behind him - he hated it! I had to go and fetch him after the first night of camp, as the teachers, his peers, and most importantly my son, was having such a dismal time (he actually slept in a teachers room that night and not with his peer group, that's how much he was battling).

A few months later, being the courageous boy that he is, he put his hand up to go on a 5 day camp with Angus Lowe. I did some reading on the Angus Lowe Experience and it seemed, in my head, to be way out of his comfort zone - how wrong I was. I had no direct contact with him for 5 days, and I was dreading him getting off the bus when he returned, expecting tears and relief to be back, but it was quite the opposite. He jumped off that bus completely elated, excited and energized. He said it was the best experience of his life. He learnt so much about himself in the space of 5 days, he was accepted as he was, yet guided to bring the best out of himself. I am so happy that he got to experience inclusion on this camp, how valued he felt, and how he cannot wait for the next Angus Lowe excursion. a BIG SHOUTOUT to Angus Lowe and your team, you guys do amazing things with our children, thank you!

I highly recommend that all parents consider sending their children on a camp with with Angus and his team, the pure joy and growth that your son or daughter will come to know after only a few days will be such a blessing. I wish I was 15 again :-).

Submitted on Monday, 16th October 2023 at 10:36:42 AM

My 15 year old son felt very lucky and honoured to participate in the Angus Lowe experience. During his five days at the camp he showed himself just how capable, resilient and independent he can be. He was able to take pride in accomplishments he was weary of, showing himself just how much fortitude he possesses. He was surrounded by peers and guides who were encouraging, helpful and empathetic.

He said he slept like he never has anywhere else, that the bush air was ‘excellent for the soul’ re-energizing his ‘city body’. I enjoyed the stories he came home with and was so pleased that reliving his accomplishments reaffirmed his strength of mind and body to himself. He thinks more of himself because of this camp. He can see more clearly who he wants to be and who he needs to be, to achieve his goals and be proud of who he is and the man he will be.

I highly recommend the Angus Lowe experience to parents of teenage boys. It was an incredible camp and unforgettable for my son.

Submitted on Friday, 13th October 2023 at 04:33:00 PM

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The Angus Lowe Experience 2 and 5 day camps

Jan 3-7, 7-11, 11-31

Dagga Boys Camp

We believe boys learn and grow through adventure and experiential learning. Provide your son an opportunity to develop leadership skills, increase ability to cope with change, improve resilience and self confidence all while having a lot of fun.

Hosted at our beautiful nature reserve in the heart of Dainfern (near Fourways)

This two day one night camp is run over a weekend, price is inclusive of camp style accommodation, food, equipment and activities. You'll need you own personal kit such as clothes, toiletries and a sleeping bag.

For ages 10-12

Wild Dog Camp

A short but impactful escape from the demands of modern society. Rooted in the values of Tech Detox, Refresh, Recharge, Reset, Confidence Boosting, and Self-Worth Development, this adventure is designed to empower young minds. Offered for two age groups 13-14 years and 15-18 years on our private game farm in the Greater Kruger park.

Rest assured, your child's experience is guided and supported by our qualified counselors and medical evacuation responders. We do not push any religious beliefs but teach inclusion and respect for all perspectives. It's a safe and nurturing environment for personal growth.

For ages 13-14 and 15-18

The Askari Program

A transformative experience grounded in three core pillars: Identity, Purpose, and Independence. Where your child's growth and self-discovery take center stage. Our fundamental belief is that young participants possess incredible potential for growth when provided with the space to explore their identity, uncover their unique purpose, and cultivate independence amidst the beauty of the wild.

For ages 15-18 and 18-21
Angus Lowe Venues
Dainfern Nature Reserve and Kruger Park Camp
2 day camp 10-12yrs: Dec 4-5 2023
5 day camp 13-14yrs: Jan 3-7 2024
5 day camp 15-18yrs: 16-20 Dec 2023 & Jan 7-11 2024
5 day camp 18-21yrs: 11-31 Jan 2024
2 day camp - R3200 p/p
5 day camp - R13900 p/p
21 day camp - R46750 p/p
Price is inclusive of all activities, meals and accommodation. You will need to arrange your own transport to and from the program location and purchase your personal kit as found on your gear list.