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age From 4 years - All ages

Teacher, tutor and parental coach

I teach children from 4 - 12 years and I work with in an experiential direction.
This incorporates movement, throwing balls e.g. for timetables, working with clay (fractions) helping children come to a living experience of maths for example or grammar.

I have found that doing more of the same, in the same way it's done in the classroom is not helpful. And any high school kid can do that for you.

Children come to me mostly because they are not resonating with the abstract, conceptual methods of the school system. This is increasing as this system conflicts with the reality of child development, moves at high speed and so sacrifices the practicing and rhythms, chanting and hygienic practices that even I still had in my day.

Children enjoy the work and learn in a new way. I often keep in touch with the teacher, where appropriate, and see myself as a support despite coming from a different direction.
I am inspired by my Waldorf School training And this is the source I draw from.

I have also helped children where mothers have found that their involvement with their child's school work causes friction, frustration and hampers the mother - child relationship. Mothers or fathers are best loving their children, PLAYING, ENJOYING and enveloping them with approval and support.
A " correcting" teacher is a bad muddle up and mostly has a negative effect on parent and child.

Remedial teacher

The children Gillian has worked with have difficulties ranging from extreme ADD and dyslexia to those simply not coping with the schooling system. With a remedial training and a passion for play and storytelling, she is able to work in a manner which isnít tedious and the child develops an experience of, for example, Maths. Gillian works with children holistically and creatively. She assesses the child from different viewing points to throw light upon the source of their struggles. She lovingly helps children with reading and writing difficulties, maths-blocks and any other symptoms. Gillians' years of work as a Health Consultant may also be helpful for parents.

Therapeutic Speech

I work with children with delayed speech, lisps and other speech difficulties.
I use this work to some extent with children - ADD /ADHD etc and find stepping certain rhythms, verses can be very useful and adds another layer or dimension.

Tutor high school students :

- English literature and language
- Poetry
- Study Methods

I mostly work from home and have also a craft /painting/drawing room.

Parent Coaching

I support parents and do The Work with them.
This is a clean, clear, simple way for anyone to become aware that their thoughts and beliefs are just that!
Thoughts have little or no relationship to what is true.
This work is a non story, non ology of any kind or 'osophy .
It brings one home to oneself. In peace.
I find it most effective and immediate. And enjoyable!
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