Sparrow Ministeries

Roodepoort West Rand
8 am - 5pm
From Birth - All ages

What Sparrow Ministeries does

We offer home-based care, training, awareness and education on HIV/AIDS, palliative care, crafts and sewing services, assistance to over 108 community organisations, by way of feeding, clothing, funding, home-based care, training and monitoring, training of house mothers for child headed households. We will assist wherever we can and care for as many children and adults as possible affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

We are in dire need of funding especially for the hospice where we care for 94 adults and 240 children. We also need food, clothing ( mainly for children), blankets or anything you can give us that we can use at the village or assist our outreach program.

Wish Lists

The ages of our kiddies range from 08months to 18years.
We always appreciate donations of groceries, perishable and non perishable food items, clothing [formal and informal], school bags, stationary etc. We can use any item or sundry that is used in a normal household environment and this would also include body lotions, soap, shower gel and shampoo etc.

Financial donations

Please deposit your donation into our bank account below with a clear description of who you are:
Account name: Sparrow Ministries
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Westgate, Code 250841
Current Account No. 54920050877

Appeal for donations in kind

The children’s ages range from 7 weeks to 17 yrs


* Blankets
* Warm clothing


* Blankets
* Warm Clothing

Primary school and older children - 11yrs

* Warm Clothing, Blankets and Jackets
* Educational Toys (SMILE EDUCATION), Barbie Dolls for Girls
* Cars for Boys, Earrings
* Toiletries (girls), Toy Phones
* Kitchen and Bathroom sets as for Barbie, Bicycles
* Soccer Balls,Junior Lap Tops (Boys and Girls)
* Boys and girls underwear
* Lunch Boxes

Children from 12 yrs

* Watches, Soccer Balls
* Bicycles,Cricket Bats and Balls
* Barbie Dolls, Net Balls
* Junior Lap Tops, Radios and CD Players
* Toiletries/Toilet Sets, Earrings
* Tea Sets, Indoor Games – soccer table (Game or Dions)
* Books, Video Games
* Video Shows, Music Tapes and CD’s
* Tents For camping, Camping Equipment
* Air Hockey Tables (Game or Dion),Karem Boards (Game or Dions)
* Jacque Kallis Cricket Sets, Swing Ball
* Skipping Ropes (long ones for Group Skipping)
* Boys and Girls underwear
* Lunch Boxes

School items

* Grey trousers, white shirts and black school shoes
* School cases and stationery ie, pens, pencils, reem of A4 photostat paper.


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