Smartt Cottage School

contact Nicky/Angelique
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venue Nooitgedacht Randburg Johannesburg
time Weekdays: 8am to 5pm
cost R4500p/m
age From 10 years - 14 years old

Cottage school

The SMARTT School, as the name implies (Self Motivated Real Time Training) is based on the foundations of interest based learning.
The ambitions of the SMARTT School are to ensure, for any child, that the natural interest in learning they are born with, remains a passion for life.

The SMART School child is given the space, time and freedom to rediscover that early wonder and self-motivated interest in the discovery of everything around them. The SMART School child is allowed to set their own pace and be master of their own learning universe. The SMART School Facilitators are expert caring individuals that know each child is an individual and is different and has a need to grow and learn at a pace that is in alignment with them as an individual and does not and will never just fit into a box.

The SMARTT School Facilitators take care and the time to ensure each child discovers their own special and wonderful uniqueness. Thus, the SMARTT School environment is completely focused on individuality with no generalities or preconceived ideas applied, allowing children to blossom and grow in the most natural way.

- The SMARTT applied methodology is built on Montessori materials and approach.
- Interest-based learning to enable the child to hold a passion in learning goes beyond the classroom.
- Exposing the child to as many different aspects of the world is important and that is why, included in our curriculum, we offer the following:
- Music
- Drama
- Physical education
- 3D printing
- cooking
- sewing and so much more.
Each facilitator is handpicked to ensure they have a passion and understanding for our school’s methodology, this ensures that our methods are carried through all aspects of learning and each facilitator regards the child as the brilliant, unique individual that they are.
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