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From 7 Months - 4 years old

Sleep training for babies & toddlers taught at home

Arrange a consultation at your home and Lee-Ann will discuss exactly what the training will involve. Lee-Ann will look at routine, sleep association and behaviour modification (training at sleep time). References will be given and Mom urged to phone previous Moms who have completed the training to see how they felt before, during and after.

Lee-Ann will then spend 2 nights initiating the technique which teaches the baby/toddler to self soothe and put him/herself to sleep. Parents will be shown what to do so that they can carry on with the technique. You can keep in touch with over the next week if further support is required, but the success rate is phenomenal, so give Lee-Ann a call today or go to the website

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To keep it short and sweet, the results that Lee Ann and her methods supplied have assisted my daughter, my fiance and myself to have a more peaceful and happy existence. We had not had a single night without 5-6 wake-ups per night from birth (up to 7 months) before contacting Lee Ann. At the end of our tether, and despite much apprehension of the concept, we opened our doors to Lee Ann who ran through her teaching methods/coaching on sleep training which is comprehensive from nutrition, naps, home environment, nappy etc.

Don't get me wrong, the training is very difficult to do as a parent, however we stuck to it step by step. The results are phenomenal and I cannot recommend it to struggling parents enough. Stay open minded you will not be disappointed.

Submitted on Monday, 23rd October 2023 at 03:25:13 PM

I was absolutely terrified of sleep training our little girl who was needing us to rock her to sleep at bedtime and every nap during the day. It was taking anywhere between 40 minutes to 2 hours to get her down at any one given time. Her day time naps were a disaster and in fact, she would end up sleeping for shorter time than it took her to go down. I reluctantly engaged with Leeann, recognising that the current situation was not sustainable.

Leeann's service is world-class. While she follows a tried and tested technique, she offers a very personal approach to working with you and your baby specifically, recognising that all children (and parents for that matter) are different. She looks at and offers advice on everything from your baby's diet to their schedule , activities they are doing and how you are interacting with them. She spent two nights with us in our home which was absolutely fantastic because she was able to coach me step-by-step on how to work with our daughter on her sleep. We are now able to get our daughter to go to sleep on her own (day and night) with absolutely no crying. In fact, we had VERY little crying right from the very start of the training with Leeann. What is more, our little girl is sleeping better and longer than before; and definitely seems happier when she wakes up. It is as if she has been empowered to go to sleep on her own vs. replying on us.

Throughout the experience Leeann was incredibly respectful of our anxiety around sleep training as parents, and was empathetic to our emotions without pushing us to do anything outside of our comfort zone with our child. She was helpful and explained exactly what she was doing, when and how. She is incredibly professional and yet, offers a warm and friendly approach to doing something that is by all intents and purposes very difficult for any parents who are battling with their child's sleep. Following the training experience, Leeann has been available to contact time and time again whenever i have a query or just need some advice on ensuring I am doing the right thing. She is always happy to share any wisdom she has and has been such a great support. I would never have had the confidence to try the sleep training without Leeann's guidance and it has been life changing. I would highly recommend engaging with Leeann if you are ready to invest in your child's ability to sleep - while this experience does come at a cost, its worth every cent to ensure both you and your little one are getting the much needed rest to thrive as a family.

Submitted on Friday, 25th August 2023 at 03:55:51 PM

Hi Leeann just want to thank you so so much again. You've literally changed our lives. Sara is putting herself straight to sleep without any crying. I am so impressed by your incredible service and I will definitely be recommending you to other mama's who are struggling. Wishing you all the best 💕

Submitted on Monday, 21st August 2023 at 03:50:03 PM

Our 2.5 year old was used to co-sleeping with us or nanny since birth, it became harder and harder to get him to sleep alone and in his room. We were not sleeping well and often miserable during the day, we called for help and got Lee-Ann to help us with consultation. She taught us the training, encouraged us to try it on our own.

Today marks day 10 of sleep training and I should tell you that we are all sleeping much better than before (besides the heat). My son has definitely learned to sleep and fall asleep on his own, doesn't leave his bedroom although he sits up on his bed for long before going back to sleep. The routine is working well, less screen time more play and winding down in the afternoons, he still only sleeps after 8pm but we put him to bed between 7 and 7:30pm.

The training Lee-Ann gave us really worked and life feels normal again.

Thank you so much Lee-Ann.🙏🏽

Submitted on Tuesday, 24th January 2023 at 11:05:20 AM

Our daughter (2.5 yrs old) would not sleep in her own bed if I didn't lay next to her. This went on for about 8 months, but to be fair to her, it was easier then fighting with her and I loved the cuddles. But eventually it became too much and we had to call the big guns in. Lee-Anne was fantastic and our daughter is sleeping on her own and we're all get a good nights rest.

Submitted on Wednesday, 14th September 2022 at 08:01:22 PM

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