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Online Parent Workshops, FREE online Parent Talks, One-on-one coaching - In person and Online

Gail Friend
NLP Life Coach
Emotional Freedom Techniques
"Building emotional Intelligence in your children is the most important thing to do.."

Adult, Parent and Teenager Coaching

Teacher Training

Ever feel like you are in the deep end when raising your children?
Ö.that the answers on how to handle their behaviour and emotions donít just flow naturally
I can help... I have been there

Shifting Perspective - Empowering and Inspiring Parents to bring out the best in their children with practical skills using Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) to influence the way they think. That is what determines their happiness and success. Our day to day interactions are more powerful than you realize

Understanding the WHY behind your children's behaviour gives you the power to influence them

Solutions to:

Sibling rivalry
Practical strategies for daily routines like morning and night time
Different parenting styles (mom and dad)
Parent emotions like guilt, impatience, shouting, frustration
Blended families
Power struggles

- Teenager Conflicts
- Family Relationships
- Emotional and learning challenges

Parents are given specific strategies on how to raise happy, confident, successful children and create a loving, connected family environment.

Services Offered:

One on one coaching (online or in person)

Online interactive Parent Workshops - Create the family you desire - Perceptions ( 4 x 1.5 hour sessions held once a week for 4 weeks)

FREE online interactive Parent Talks - Build your child's emotional intelligence as the foundation for their academic learning and life

A Personal Story

My son was born with severe learning difficulties and I was told that there was little chance of him reading and writing. That is where my journey to search for answers on how I would parent and educate him started. Through this journey I learnt how to develop true potential in children no matter what the circumstance appears at the present moment. All techniques taught are an accumulation of tried and tested ways to guarantee full potential and awesome relationships. Using these techniques on my other son resulted in excelled performance.

What people have said

Gail has transformed my relationship with my children and most importantly myself. I would recommend this to anyone looking to deepen their family connection - Gabi

My hubby and I did Gail's "Create the family you desire" course. We both grew up in great households but, as with all parents, you always want to try and do better with your own children.
Over 4 weeks we obtained the most amazing insights and answers to deal with real life situations.
I highly recommend this to any parent who wants to do better in child rearing - Simone

The Parenting Workshop was amazing, it opened my eyes to things about me I needed to see and helped us parent better as well as have the tools to continue to do so! I recommend this course for anyone even slightly unsure if they are doing it right, which I would imagine is any good parent's concern xx
You won't be disappointed - Angela

Create the family you desire workshop & private sessions with Gail have had a profound positive impact in our family. I been able to let go of controlling my girls emotions, acknowledging what they feel and giving them a safe space to work it out, so then they are able to empower themselves. I have learned as well to set boundaries, creating clarity on family values & rules, making an agreement with my girls and following up with consequences. Another important lesson has been to encourage our children to try new things, celebrating their courageous action and centering their confidence on trying and not on the result.
With much gratitude for Gails wisdom - Jessica

Bringing up teenagers can be difficult at best but when they have social and academic challenges it can make things so much more difficult. Shifting Perspective's unique way of bringing out the child's own potential to the fore is certainly refreshing and yields results. A more expressive and communicative child is the result - Peter
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