Riverstone Village

Contact: Je'anna Clements
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North Riding Randburg Johannesburg
10am-3pm, with some events on weekends and after-hours.
General Fees for 2022 are currently R4 600 per month per person attending, plus a R7 800 annual development levy payable in monthly installments if you prefer.

You can also apply for community status. Community status means you are committed to alignment with our values and mission, and have a strong interest in seeing Self-Directed Education thrive, so you will enrich our community in many ways, not only financial.

Community Fees are linked to your income level (so they can be higher or lower than the General Fees)
From 4 years - 18 years old

SA's first self-directed education centre

An age-mixed learning community for young people aged 4 and up; where each person is empowered to choose how to spend their time, and supported in mastering what matters to them; the Agreements are made by those who must keep them; and communication and problem-solving replace rewards and punishments.

Riverstone Village is South Africa’s first democratic, self-directed (SDE) learning community, inspired by Sudbury Valley School in the USA and by our own historical 'University of Robben Island'.

Parenting support & education

In addition to providing Self-Directed Democratic learning opportunities for all ages, we actively support families in experiential learning about Human Rights, parenting and communication skills. We also educate the public around young people's educational rights; around dyslexia and ADHD; and advocate for all children's right to an educational career that is genuinely in their best interests rather than merely convenient for educational service providers.

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