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age From Birth - 16 years old

Family support for kids with childhood cancer.

Rainbows and Smiles was founded by Bonita Suckling, mom to Jed Brady Thomas (forever 6), in 2008 as she saw just what families go through when a child is diagnosed with cancer.

Jed sadly lost his fight with brain cancer in July 2011 and Bonni's last promise to him was that she would keep fighting for his friends.

We assist children from 0-16 yrs old with emotional and/or financial support, ie: we help with medical bills, buy grocery vouchers, offer petrol money, etc, as when a child is diagnosed with cancer the entire family is affected as usually the mother can longer work as the child requires 24/7 care.

We also spoil the children in oncology wards when they are in treatment and we also try and spoil the "forgotten" siblings as when a child is diagnosed, understandably, the parents focus shifts to the sick child.

We also look after mom's after a child has passed by sending flowers, gifts and regular communicaton.

One of our main aims is awareness so we promote the Gold Ribbon, the international symbol of paediatric cancer, and we try and teach people about bone marrow and platelet donation. We run constant fund-raisers which are listed on our Facebook group and Twitter.
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