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Mental health professional with a special interest in neuropsychology

Saleha Mahomed Kola, Master of Arts (Psychology), University of the Witwatersrand, with special interest in Neuropsychology. She is a registered practitioner with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and Medical Legal expert. She has a combination of both clinical private practice and corporate experience. She was trained in psychological assessments used for clinical purposes as well as career development. Furthermore, she was trained in the corporate sector for selection and development from entry-level positions to senior executives.

Saleha is a mental health advocate and spends considerable time raising awareness to students and adults. She is passionate about mental health, and highlights the importance of managing stress, anxiety and depressive feelings in daily life and also raises awareness regarding suicide. Saleha conducts important talks on the topic of emotional wellbeing and psychological assessment in the workplace. She currently runs a private practice and consults with both clinical and industrial psychology professionals. She also provides professional career counselling, personality assessments, IQ, and other assessments to private patients.

Psychometric assessments

A psychometric test is a standardized assessment designed to measure cognitive ability, personality or behaviour, which provides insight into a person's potential to succeed in school, a job or career. Psychometric testing takes various forms (e.g. numerical, mechanical, logical or verbal reasoning). I offer assessments for children and adolescents who require school placements or are displaying behavioural difficulties that affect their daily functioning.

Career guidance

Interest, values, cognitive ability, personality, skills and areas of strength are all contributors to the type of career path you would succeed in. Undergoing a comprehensive career guidance assessment could provide you with the necessary insight you may need when determining a career path.

IQ tests

An IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test is a test that is used to determine peopleís cognitive abilities, as well as assess peopleís intellectual levels and potential. In fact, different IQ tests can help identify both mental subnormality and intellectual potential.


A therapeutic process where you share your experiences/difficulties/struggles with a mental health professional. Talking in a safe environment allows patients to uncover emotional distress they may experience. At psychologysaleha, I offer my patients a safe space where they can resolve personal difficulties such as relationship/interpersonal challenges, stress-related difficulties, mood and emotional difficulties and other psychological difficulties related to mental health. Confidentiality is of paramount importance as a mental health practitioner and is an integral part of the counselling journey. Maintaining confidentiality within certain limitations is an ethical responsibility, and it is part of what makes counselling different from other relationships.

Play therapy

Play therapy is used primarily for children. Thatís because children may not be able to process their own emotions or articulate problems to parents or other adults. While it may look like an ordinary playtime, play therapy can be much more than that. A trained therapist can use playtime to observe and gain insights into a childís problems. The therapist can then help the child explore emotions and deal with unresolved trauma. Through play children can learn new coping mechanisms and how to redirect inappropriate behaviors.
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