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Performing arts studio for kids & teens

Performing Artist Studios, established in 2016, is a one stop shop for all round Performing Arts training that offers Drama classes, Singing classes, Music classes as well as Public Speaking classes focused on eisteddfod and ATKV competitions. With specialized classes for all age groups, we aim to create future performers with a love for performing and being in their own skin. We offer individual and group classes for all age groups and we base these classes on age groups, experience and personal needs and aims. We offer All classes to anyone aged from 5-75!!!

Performing Artist Studios, that started out as merely a dream not too long ago, is owned by Simoné Carstens (BA Drama Cum Laude, University of Pretoria). Simoné graduated in 2016 and it has been her life-long dream to open a Drama School. With the previous 19 years of singing choir, solo performances, dance classes, participating in Eisteddfod and being in many shows, revues and adaptions of world renowned Broadway musicals such as "Legally Blond" as Serena and "Chicago", she is the perfect teacher to help your child realize their performance dreams. She is a positive and spontaneous performer and succeeds as an actress, singer, mover and mind-and-body-focused human being that always pushes her limits, and motivates those she comes into contact with. She is a Grade two teacher at Katz Academy and has a love and passion for children!! She is passionate about all she does and would be an ideal teacher to help your children achieve their performing goals!

We are all performers, performing the roles we take on in our daily lives. Why not be the best you can be? Join Performing Artist Studios and become the Performer you have always wanted to be and see how being connected to your mind-and-body, can change your life!

We offer Drama, Music, Singing, Public Speaking, Mind and Body Wellness Classes and Voice training classes as the newest edition to our classes!

Drama classes:

Performing Artist Studios offers Drama Classes that are focused on the Actor, the Voice and the Body of the Character. Each class will focus on one aspect and perfecting the skill. We offer all-round training that will help each student become the actor/actress they aspire to be.

Our classes are available as individual as well as group classes, and each group or individual class is focused on the experience and training needed for each group/individual respectively.

Children aged 7-14 can partake in Group classes that will teach them skills of listening, responding, focus and we start to focus on how they are using their voices as well as the optimal body integration for optimal use of one's voice and body in performance. Drama classes give children the platform to develop their self-esteem and makers them comfortable in their own skin. These classes are not set out with the specific goal for each child, as each child has the freedom to explore and just be. There are thus no specific outcomes, just children who are more confident, who are more aware of themselves and those around them, and children who have a good self-esteem and a love for the Performing Arts. These classes will focus on actor training, physical theatre/movement and the human voice and how to not injure one's voice in performance.

We offer Individual and group Drama Classes for all age groups and these classes will be different for each performer as we take previous experience and build on it, be your experience a movie-lover or trained-performer. These classes will focus on the actor, the body and the voice and through different theorists, we will help each student create their own warm-up routine and explore different acting methods, voice training and their physical theatre style (as well as making your own physical theatre performance). Since the body and the voice is so connected, we will also teach you all you need to know about the human voice and the most effective ways of applying tone to create bone-conducted tone that is not only good for articulation and projection, but for a tension-free body!

Drama classes for High School Students are Available as individual classes where we teach them all the acting techniques including Acting, Movement and Voice training that they need to be a successful actor/actress one day!

We offer special classes for children with special needs. The body is capable of so much more than we know and we believe that giving children with problems other ways of portraying their feelings and dealing with daily life issues, might help the in their daily lives as enthusiastic human beings. All children will only be pushed to their own limits and no further to help them expand their comfort zones and to give them alternative ways in expressing emotions and themselves in society.

Singing classes:

Performing Artist Studios offers Singing Classes for all aspiring Singers. These Classes will be Individual Classes aimed at developing the voice of the student. In theses classes, we will focus on warm-ups, improving one's range, Holding a note, Pitch, Rhythm, Phrasing of music, Solo's as well as harmonies, to create dynamics with your voice, Breathing techniques and breath control and the use of one's diaphragm whilst singing.

Our main focus would be one's solo voice and performance as a solo singing artist, and the optimal use of the voice without strain!

Music classes:

Performing Artist Studios offers Music Classes for Juniors and Seniors. The Classes for Juniors (Grade 0-3) will be Group Classes, where the children start to play around with Rhythm and basic instruments such as a Tambourine, Xylophone, a Triangle, Percussion instruments and many more. These groups will teach the students how to use multiple instruments and they will learn the basics of Music Theory including notes, rhythms and harmony between different instruments.

The Senior Classes (Grade 4 - 12) will be Individual Classes, and will give the students music theory and practical music classes where they can learn to play the Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet or Penny Whistle. Once the students have chosen their instrument, they will learn everything about the instrument from how to play it to how to clean it.

We also offer music classes for adults!!

If you have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, now is the time! And with a passionate teacher who has played instruments since before she went to school, there is no better teacher for you and your instrument!

Public speaking classes

Public Speaking Classes are focused on RACA, NEA and ATKV speech competitions. Performing Artist Studios has a well versed teacher who not only coaches, but even writes speeches. There will be contact sessions for Understanding and read through, for voice work (Including speech, clarity and pronunciation and articulation), for dos and don'ts and a final touches session before each competition. The classes and contact sessions are based on the needs of each individual student.

Mind & body wellness classes:

These classes are aimed at all ages but specifically focuses on teens and adults as they have a better awareness of their bodies and the idea of mind and body wellness.

Performing Artist Studios offers classes to help students reconnect the dots in the connections between their Mind and Body. These classes are based on getting in touch with one's energy and understanding your emotions, how they manifest in one's body and understanding the body and its reactions and movement. With our main focus on the breath and the body, one can be prepared to be relaxed and calm!

We aim to release tension in the body and to connect to your body's systems and thus to be able to control emotions and tension build up through one's breath. These classes with include elements from Yoga, as well as from Rudolph Laban, who focuses on the Body, Effort of the Body, the Shape of the body and the Space in which the body moves and how the body moves in Space. We aim to help the Students achieve Optimal Body Integration to have ease of movement and less build up of tension in the body. We will also look at the likes of Kristen Linklater, Arthur Lessac (where Simoné will have even further training in by doing the South African Intensive Lessac Kinesensic Workshop in January of 2017 at the University of Pretoria), Catherine Fitzmaurice and Patsy Rodenburg and their approaches to voice training and tone for better vibrations in the body through voice, and the healing powers it can have ij our daily lives.

To connect to yourself and others through the energy you give off, come and experience the power of the Mind and Body connection and wellness.

Voice training classes:

Based on the work of Arthur Lessac and Rudolph Laban, Voice Classes will teach individuals better communication skills and how to speak English correctly that will lead to the result of being able to communicate with anyone around the world by making conscious changes in one's speech. This is an enriching experience and helps to improve anything that isn't optimal to the body.

We focus on good vibrations when speaking and awakening one's resonators in everyday speech.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries.
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