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cost An offer of a free 15 minute session - telephone or email to answer any questions.
Fees in keeping with the current bodywork and therapy treatments.
age From Birth - All ages

Cranio Sacral Therapy for Kids & Adults

Gentle Bodywork

For Children: A Cranio Sacral Session allows the baby, toddler, child or teenager to become quiet and calm in their own space, to gently feel the sensations of the breathing, the heartbeat and sense the feelings in the body.
They will learn the coping skills to be positive and confident with how they are feeling and what their body Ė with all itís changes - is telling them. They will know when and how to express themselves and to seek support where needed.

For Adults: Cranio Sacral Therapy meets you in a conversation in the ancient form of healing known as bodywork. As a physical and emotional check-in, itís a way to get to know your body, on a deeper level.


Parenting behaviour is a key factor in children's socio-emotional development. Family relationships are a balance of personal time, health, living together and social interaction.

Covid-19 Infection & Immunity

Covid-19 as an illness and a pandemic is having an untold physical and mental impact on each and everyone. Post C-19 and Long C-19 may be experienced as 'panic-like attacks', mild heart palpitations, shallow breathing and/or 'brain fog'.

Ageing and Gerontology

Gerontology is the study of the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of ageing. It's about ageing gracefully and maintaining your body's capacity for mobility and vitality.
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