Open Minds Campus

153/1 Crocus Road
Kyalami AH Midrand Johannesburg View on Google Maps
Weekdays: 7am-2pm
R5500 p/m
From 7 years - 18 years old

Alternative School following the Cambridge syllabus

Open Minds Campus is a visionary alternative in education for children from 6 to 18 years old, offering a learning environment that is unique for each child. We build a child's confidence a stimulating, nurturing and creative, and an academic approach that prepares children for the challenges of real life ahead.

Each Child is Unique

Open Minds Campus is dedicated to nurturing the individuality and unique potential of every child. We understand that each child embarks on their educational journey with distinct talents, interests, and learning styles. That's why our approach goes beyond standardised curricula. We provide a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and personal growth. Our educators are passionate about tailoring their teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of our students, allowing them to explore their passions, build their strengths, and overcome challenges. At Open Minds Campus, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child and empower them to flourish on their own extraordinary path of discovery and achievement.

Confidence-building measures

Open Minds Campus is committed to building each child's confidence by creating a supportive and empowering learning environment. We believe that confidence is the cornerstone of success, and we work diligently to instil it in our students. Through a combination of personalised guidance, constructive feedback, and opportunities for self-expression, we help our students develop a strong sense of self-worth and belief in their abilities. Our curriculum encourages active participation, leadership, and problem-solving, which allows students to gain a deep sense of accomplishment. We also foster a culture of inclusivity and respect, ensuring that every child feels valued and heard. At Open Minds Campus, we are dedicated to nurturing not only the academic growth of our students but also their self-assurance, so they can excel both inside and outside the classroom.

Building a culture of mutual respect

At Open Minds Campus, we prioritise the cultivation of a culture of mutual respect between students and teachers. We recognise that a harmonious and productive learning environment is built upon strong relationships and open communication. Our educators lead by example, treating each student with dignity and kindness, regardless of their background or abilities. We encourage students to voice their opinions, ask questions, and engage in constructive dialogues with their teachers. This fosters a sense of trust and partnership, where students feel valued and supported in their educational journey. By promoting empathy and understanding, we create a positive atmosphere that not only enhances academic achievement but also prepares our students to become responsible, respectful, and empathetic members of the broader community.

Small classes

Open Minds Campus takes pride in offering small class sizes as a key element of our educational approach. Our commitment to maintaining smaller classes is rooted in the belief that it enhances the learning experience in several crucial ways. With fewer students in each class, our educators can provide more individualised attention, allowing them to better understand the unique needs and learning styles of each student. This personalised approach enables us to tailor instruction, address specific challenges, and nurture strengths effectively. Moreover, small classes promote active student engagement and participation, creating a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where students feel comfortable expressing their ideas and seeking clarification. This intimate learning environment not only fosters deeper connections between students and teachers but also contributes significantly to academic success and personal growth.

Building Collaborative Skills

At Open Minds Campus, our educational philosophy places a strong emphasis on promoting collaboration over competition. We firmly believe that every student is unique and possesses individual strengths and talents. Our approach fosters a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students are encouraged to work together, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. We refrain from comparing or ranking students because we understand that such practices can undermine self-esteem and create unnecessary pressure. Instead, we focus on celebrating each student's progress and growth, acknowledging that success comes in various forms. By nurturing a culture of collaboration, we prepare our students not only to excel academically but also to thrive in a world that increasingly values teamwork, innovation, and empathy.

What qualities will your child need to flourish as an adult in today’s world?

They will need to be articulate, creative, self-reliant, multi-skilled, imaginative and inquisitive. Every day and every activity at Open Minds Campus is designed to enhance and develop these qualities in your child.

Why is Open Minds Campus different?

Being smart is not just about your child’s exam score. We also care about what happens to your child after finishing university, just as much as we care about your child getting into and thriving at university.

Does your child have the academic preparation, the passion, and the gumption to create a meaningful life for him or herself? And can your child do it ethically and collaboratively without tearing others down? At Open Minds Campus these are our values.

In a nutshell, the essence of Open Minds Campus can be thought of as follows:

Resilience & Perseverance

At Open Minds Campus we stress hands-on, experiential and inquiry-based learning that carries with it the ability to take risks, to reach beyond our comfort zones and test our mettle.

We work with a child’s natural tendencies to encourage their curiosity and figure out answers in their own way. Sometimes they struggle at first, but then they learn how to see it through.

Emotional Intelligence

Success in life, whether professional or personal, favours those who possess a high ‘EQ’. The Open Minds Campus approach is designed to enhance a child’s sense of connection to the world and to grow holistically.

Gaining insight into the human condition and respect for the environment helps our students mature with compassion, empathy and responsibility.

Intellectual Development

Our approach to mastering subject areas across the academic spectrum encourages children to make connections and deepen learning. Our goal is to not simply facilitate a curriculum, but to make the curriculum meaningful and to inspire a lifelong love of learning.

If you would like to enrol your child at Open Minds Campus, a five-day trial period can be arranged.

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