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Family mediation & legal services

We are Family Wellness Strategists: We help you through each aspect of your life, whether you’re starting a life together or ending a life together:


Marriage is a life long commitment and we assist you with making the best memories from day one with premarital coaching and equip you when disagreements arise. We stock personalised Unity Candles and Unity Sand which symbolize two souls coming together that you can display in your homes forever!


You’re pregnant! Now what?? Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, let’s learn about what stage you are in pregnancy and all the niggles that come along with it as well as we give you some easy ‘how to’s’ to help you cope with them.


Parenting does not come with an instruction manual but I am almost sure that you are trying your best – but sometimes, things get a bit much. We bring things back to basics and give you tools to help you along your journey. No shame in asking for help, you don’t know what you don’t know…


We can assist with a Divorce Mediation and put together all the necessary processes that come afterwards such as implementing a Child Maintenance and Co-Parenting Agreement. We can also do a Divorce debriefing, which is easing you into singlehood as easily as possible.

Single Parenting

You find yourself in this position either by divorce or death. We put together a strategy that is unique to you and your situation. We will look at several aspects; financial, schooling and medical etc for yourself and your children and prepare for the future. We look at ways where and how you can save to make your money last even longer.


Whether you’re married or divorced, your responsibility toward your children never stops. Putting a co-parenting agreement in place is the best decision you can make for a ‘less rocky’ future with your ex. We cover aspects of maintenance, visitation and sharing special days etc.


This is a fortunate position that you are in but not always the easiest. We look at your unique position and look at ways that we can resolve conflict and even try to avoid altogether. A few personalities are coming together and we see how we can accommodate everyone because all feelings are valid!
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