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time Working hours 8hr-4pm
We are open every holiday and school holidays including babysitting.
cost *Nanny stimulation course is once a month.
*Babysitting cost: R65 hr
*Nannies and babies stimulation workshop.

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age From 6 weeks - 3 years old

Sensory stimulation programs for babies & toddlers, in the comfort of your own home

Our program is designed on Learn Through Play as we know your little one learns the best when they're enjoying themselves. Our themes are different each week and are based on a qualified Early Childhood Development teacher who understood the development of babies from birth- 5 years of age. We do this in your loving and caring environment of your home.

Nanny stimulation training in the language of her choice

* Language of training: our Nanny stimulation activities are simplified and explained in her language of her choice, English, IsiZulu, seTswana. The training involves two-days comprehensive training while working with your baby. Nanny will receives a stimulation manual. Our manuals are filled with theory and practical activities and ideas on how your Nanny can use them, and also provides examples of each weekly theme so she can extend activities with your child based on the examples.

Age appropriate sensory development activities

*Our age-appropriate stimulation activities offers sensory motor Skills to our little Chicks. They start enjoying senses of smell, touch, hearing, feeling and sight, smoothly and efficiently in the context of play, through a combination of energetic and calming activities.

*14-18 months: now is time to introduce our Butterflies to simple concepts such as up and down, light and heavy as they improve and learn more and different skills every lesson. We ensure that your child receives the appropriate stimulation during his/her first year of life.

*20-36 months: Roosters are moving through tricky play movements and it is a big move. Your child's muscles get stronger every day and they have more control over their bodies, they realise there's a whole exciting world out there. Fun themes, many different homemade toys, basic concepts such as over, under, and on and off.

Remember your little One comes first!

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