Little Genius Abacus

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venue Johannesburg
time Mon-Thurs: 8am to 5:30pm
Sat: 8am to 12pm
cost Registration fee: R100
Starter kit (includes stationery, workbooks, abacus or tools): R400
Tuition fee: R800 per term
age From 3 years - 14 years old

Brain development program for kids

Little Genius is a universally accepted brain development program, which activates both left and right hemispheres of the brain. The program offers a great and fun way of learning the abacus and mental arithmetic math from a young age. The program is aimed at children of all ages and has immense benefits. When a child learns how to use an abacus, they will use their hands and an abacus to calculate, thus giving them an opportunity to activate the brain sensors making it a ‘whole brain’ development’.

Abacus training focus on making math education exciting and fun for children while making thinking a natural extension for the education process.


- Enhances photographic memory
- Increases IQ
- Ability to multi-task
- Improves focus
- Strengthens brain functions
- Improves listening skills
- Speed and accuracy
- Improves gross and fine motor skills
- Establishes a solid foundation for mathematics
- Speed writing
- Improves problem solving skills
- Self-confidence
- Improves judgement
- Creativity
- Prevents age-related dementia

We offer the following:

Numeracy Junior - 3-4 years

This program offers a fun and playful way of learning numbers, values and concepts through play. Children will be introduced to numbers 0-50 with value and early addition and subtraction, along with abacus counting. We also include alphabet learning, colours, months etc (other pre-kindergarten learning areas)
(classes restricted to 2-4 children) we work according to each child’s own pace, and try our best to accommodate parents and their children if they are unable to attend a class for whatever reason without any extra charges.

Numeracy Senior – 4-6 years

Here children will be introduced to abacus, where they will learn basic 1 digit x 1 digit and 2-digits by 2-digit addition and subtraction. We also include skip counting in preparation for multiplication, volume, height etc

Level 1 +: 6 years +

Children will be taught mental arithmetic calculations with listening and reading while also advancing their abacus skills and moving to the next level.

Age category is placed just as a guide, we grade children each term according to their own progress.

Short 5 week courses are available for numeracy junior and numeracy senior at R900 including kit fee and tuition.

Get a chance to be a part of a world class abacus program with Little Genius Abacus.

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starts 22.07.21 ends 30.09.21
Early bird special: 10% off tuition fees. Pay only R720 a term, normally R800 per term.
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