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From 10 years - All ages

Creativity coaching for kids

Lifestudio offers a safe and creative space in which tweens and teens can learn life skills, resilience and calming techniques in our weekly workshops.

In these workshops, kids learn the technique of zendoodling and how this technique can help them reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and improve memory.
They are also introduced to life skills development, through the use of creativity, and we focus on the following life skills which can be used throughout their lives:
- What is a growth mindset and how to develop this
- What are Values, Beliefs and Behaviours and how do they apply to me?
- Change Resielency – how to accept change and to integrate this into a new normal?
- What is learning agility and how to use this
- Bullying and how to cope with this
- Growing into the person you want to be – how to do this by developing a good sense of self and self esteem.

Each week we explore a different theme through a combination of creativity and life coaching, chatting about life in general in a group environment.

Human Design and Creativity Life Coaching

Life is not meant to be a ONE SIZE FITS ALL and what is good for someone else is not necessarily good for you. We are all unique individuals with our own traits, nature, personality and way to do things.
Understanding exactly who we are and knowing our inherent wisdom in making decisions and the right choices allows us to live a life of ease even when faced with challenges.

Human Design is a blueprint of your life, taken at the time of your birth which explains your nature, traits, personality, destiny and innate wisdom to use in making decisions and the right choices.

Having this in your toolbox of life to use every day, allows you to step into your authentic self, to live your life for you and not as the idea of the world. This blueprint gives you the freedom to know that you are living your life in accordance with your Human Design and the compassion to understand that the people around you is living life according to their Human Design. This blueprint allows you the freedom to be your true self.

Through Human Design you step into your true nature and live your life knowing exactly who you are and not the idea of what the world and people around you think you are. This freedom allows you to live the life you are meant to live, on your terms.

Parent and Child Coaching

Offers a unique perspective in allowing that life is not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL reality and that when you know each one’s human design and how to work with it, family life and parenting is less challenging and more at ease.

Knowing your child’s Human Design, their blueprint and how they work and react with the world makes for easier parenting and a deeper and lasting foundation to build your family life on. Understanding the dynamics of each Human Design in your family brings in an understanding and tolerance of our uniqueness, allows us to celebrate this with each other and not judge each other for our uniqueness. Children who are in touch with their Human Design blueprint and are allowed to live this from an early age, grow up with a strong sense of identity, self-esteem and live their unique life successfully.
Adult Coaching allows to you see your uniqueness and areas of your life where you have been influenced into believing the myth of ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

Online Sessions

We offer online zendoodling sessions and online self-esteem human design sessions. Please email or WhatsApp to book.


Tweens and Teens Zendoodling Workshops – every Saturday from 4th February till 2nd December from 8.30am to 10.30am.
Price is R300 per week or R1100 per month.
- Once off R500 creativity kit fee

Coaching Pricing:
Parent and child:
– Foundation R1000 for parent and 1 child. Quote will be given for entire family
_ Value System R800 for parent and 1 Child. Quote will be given for entire family
-Coaching package of 3 months including Foundation and Value system – R7000

Adult Coaching:
– Foundation R650 for parent and 1 child. Quote will be given for entire family
_ Value System R500 for parent and 1 Child. Quote will be given for entire family
-Coaching package of 3 months including Foundation and Value system – R6000

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I recently connected with Michelle and she provided me with a human design compatibility guide for myself and my youngest son. What an eye-opener! Some things resonated with me immediately and, on reflection, most others gave me unique insights into our relationship as well as hands-on tools for managing our different approaches to life. Thanks Michelle for your time and also for your kind and caring manner of imparting information which led to such greater clarity about ourselves and the way we interact with each other. Highly recommended!

Submitted on Wednesday, 12th June 2024 at 09:33:08 PM

Having my Human Design read and interpreted has been life changing for me. Michelle has an easy way of simplifying this broad subject and helping me to implement it into my daily life. She has also helped me understand the relationship dynamics between my son and I, as well as the benefits and potential short comings of a business relationship. I find Michelle to be patient and compassionate in her coaching and Human Design readings, focusing on making things easy to understand and comprehend.

Submitted on Monday, 3rd July 2023 at 05:56:25 PM

Lifestudio has been my safe space for the last few years. I visit Michelle regularly at her beautiful premises in Linksfield. My journey of self discovery has been so enlightening, and thanks to the care and trusting relationship I have develop with Michelle I have been able to navigate all the rough waters that have happened post COVID. Both my young adult children have also been to her for counselling after traumatic experiences while at varsity, and I'm truly grateful that through opening a free and comfortable flow of communication, as a small family, we are now closer than ever. Unlike other counsellors and psychologists, who let you talk for hours, but never give positive suggestions or real advice, Michelle brings her own insights and life experience and I always leave with a clear course of direction ahead. Thanks Michelle for your Life Coaching and your friendship.

Submitted on Tuesday, 27th June 2023 at 11:41:21 AM

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