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Modern cloth nappies for babies & toddlers

We sell simple and affordable modern pocket cloth nappies and inserts, designed for babies and children from around 5kg – 15kg.

What makes modern cloth diapers different?

Modern cloth nappies are easy to use and easy to wash – not at all like the old terry towels and chemical soaking you might be thinking of. All cloth nappies need an absorbent part and a waterproof or water-resistant part to function. Kid Got Style cloth nappies have a built-in layer of PUL on the outside, which is a waterproof material that works to stop leaks. On the inside, there’s a soft suede lining that allows the liquid to drain through to the absorbent part, leaving your baby feeling dry between changes.

What are pocket cloth nappies?

There are many types of modern cloth nappies, and learning about all of these can be confusing enough to put you off. That’s why we only sell pocket nappies, because they’re extremely versatile, hardy, affordable and easy to use.

Here’s how they work:
• A pocket nappy features an opening on one side where you add inserts.
Inserts absorb your baby’s urine. Depending on how much your baby outputs (affected by age, size, season and the individual child), you’ll use a combination of insert types to maximise absorption.
• You can rinse or knock solids into the toilet and put wet-only nappies straight into the washing machine. All it takes then is a pre-rinse and a standard long wash to get them clean – easy-peasy!

Why use modern cloth nappies?

By using cloth, you can save thousands of rands. The average child uses at least 4000 disposable diapers, while the average cloth-diaper baby can get by on between 20 and 30 pocket nappies. With this amount, you can wash every second day, use them on your subsequent children and resell them when you’re done with them. Financially and environmentally, it just makes so much sense to use cloth nappies. Plus – you’ll have the cutest little baby bum because our designs are irresistible!

Are cloth diapers easy to use?

Modern cloth diapers are super easy to use! Our pocket nappies function very similarly to disposables and are ideal for busy moms and dads, and day-cares. Cloth diapering adds only two-to-three more loads of washing to your week (which, let’s be honest, isn’t a lot once you’ve got babies and toddlers in the house), and need around just 15 minutes of attention per day.

How do I buy Kid Got Style cloth nappies?

It’s easy to buy our diapers and inserts.
Buy your cloth nappies here, pick the products you like, pay in whatever way suits you best – via EFT, credit or cheque card or in interest-free installments.
- We deliver nationwide or you can pick up for free if you’re in the Joburg area.
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