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Online program:
R100 registration fee, program is free, additional coding training available at discount fee
From 8 years - 15 years old

NPO offering informative presentations & services for our youth

We provide solutions to schools and related stakeholders on the subject of Bullying, offer reproductive health presentation, sanitary pads for vulnerable girls.

Leadership program titled leaders against bullying - online

Research shows that 1 in 5 children in South Africa will experience bullying before they complete high school and a little over 33% will be diagnosed with depression before the age of fourteen (14) years with Bullying being one of the triggers. The reason that allows bullying to thrive and render children frustrated and helpless is lack of awareness and understanding of what bullying is.

The core elements of the definition of bullying include:
unwanted aggressive behaviour
or perceived power imbalance
and repetition of behaviours or high likelihood of repetition
South African education systems treat bullying as a conflict when research confirms that it is a form of violence and peer abuse. Currently there are no proper measures in place to ensure rehabilitation and character building for the children who bully and victims of bullying.

Ipeleng cares foundation is offering a leaders against bullying, leadership program to help eradicate bullying in schools. The program is designed to bully-proof children, empower children who have been previously bullied and to provide corrective measures to children who have anti-social behaviour and are likely to bully others or have already bullied others. The program includes introduction to chess and coding as remedial activities. These two activities have a backed research of how over prolonged use they help improve thinking and problem solving skills, characteristics that need to be enhanced in children who bully others as well those who are prone to be victims of bullying.

The program also offers character building tasks with six (6) aligned personal values. Children will need to complete one task a month thus the program will run for six months. The leaders will also be required to fundraising as an individual and teams towards a good cause.

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