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venue 259 Spencer Avenue, cnr Cedar Avenue
Chartwell Sandton Johannesburg
time Mon to Fri: 9am-5.30pm
Sat: 9am-2.30pm
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age All ages

Interaction with horses for all ages

At Indigo Horse Centre we are passionate about working with and teaching children and teens in our outdoor environment, with the assistance of our herd of horses and ponies. We work with groups and individuals, teaching basic horsemanship skills that often translate into life skills thus enhancing many areas of your child/teen's life.

It has been proven that interacting with horses facilitates the building up of emotional intelligence, especially more so in the groundwork (not ridden) sessions. On a physical riding level, positive effects can be seen in a person’s motor co-ordination, postural alignment, strength, muscle tone and flexibility. Changes are often seen in areas of sensory processing as well as speech functions.

Benefits of working with horses can be listed as:

Emotional Well-being:
• Increased Self Confidence and Self Belief
• Appropriate assertiveness
• Relationship Building skills
• Communication Skills
• Focus & Concentration
• Problem Solving
• Patience, adaptability and acceptance

Physical Well-being:
•Proprioception – (the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement – WIKIPEDIA) – awareness of our body and where / how it moves in relation to what we are doing and where we are physically
•Development of Core Muscles – assists with Low Muscle Tone
•Healthy Outdoor Activity

Group sessions

1)Groups are age appropriate, with a minimum of 4 and max of 6.
2)A minimum of 6 hours per group is the most beneficial; more hours can be added if necessary. Programmes can be 1 hour a week for 6 weeks, or 2 hours every 2nd week for a total of 3 sessions.
3)Once a group is formed, no new members are allowed to join the group.

Individual sessions

Individual sessions are specific to the needs of the participant. The sessions are 1 hour, although a half hour can be arranged. Sessions start off as very introductory, building confidence in areas such as handling the horse, basic care and tasks centered around working with the horse/s at a level that the participant is comfortable, building from week to week. Riding skills taught are very basic and focus more on balance, co-ordination, muscle tone and so forth.

Indigo Horse Centre focuses on building relationships with our equine companions, getting kids and teens off the couch, off their ipads, cells and laptops and out into the open to interact with other living beings.

Pony Play : aimed specifically at the littlies - 2 to 4 years. Pony play is a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of nurturing and caring for others, enhancing confidence and communication. Littlies get involved in grooming, leading and interacting with our ponies in a very safe and fun way while enhancing their skill sets. Half hour sessions are adequate.

Corporate Team Building events : Using experiential learning based activities with our herd of horses to facilitate enhanced communications and interactions in the work place. Horses have incredibly strong communication skills and it is through working with and observing these that we at Indigo Horse Centre are able to facilitate Corporate team building events : The horse and the human are always in communication, most of the time it's only the horse that realises it - this quote lends itself to working with groups and teams to enhance communication - which is the basis of all relationships.

Indigo Horse Centre is home to Organikidz Playgroup and Flightlings Workshops.

Indigo Horse Centre and Flightlings offers Holiday Workshops aimed at the 7 - 12 year olds.

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