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From 16 years - All ages
Offering both online and in-person support

ATT: Parents of teenagers

Welcome to our Mindfulness Coaching, Energy Moderation, Self Care and Soul Care service designed specifically for parents with teens who are feeling overstretched, overwhelmed, and under-resourced.

Support and guidance

As parents, it's not uncommon to feel like you're constantly juggling too many balls in the air while also trying to stay connected with your teens. Our coaching service is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to help you find balance and maintain your own well-being.

Mindfulness techniques

With Adam's guidance, you will learn mindfulness techniques that will help you stay grounded and focused during times of stress. Through energy moderation, you will learn how to manage your physical and emotional energy levels to ensure that you have the energy you need to meet the demands of parenting.

Self care

Self-care is an essential component of our coaching service. Adam will help you identify and prioritize self-care practices that are realistic for your lifestyle, and will work with you to develop a self-care plan that is sustainable and effective.

Soul care

Finally, we recognize that parents need soul care too. Our coaching service provides a safe space for you to explore your own spiritual and emotional needs, so you can feel more centered and connected with yourself and your loved ones.

With our Mindfulness Coaching, Energy Moderation, Self Care and Soul Care service, you'll receive personalized coaching and support to help you feel more empowered, present, and fulfilled in your parenting journey.

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