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Course of childbirth education

The HypnoBirthing® Way

HypnoBirthing® is a complete course of childbirth education.

Enhanced by relaxation techniques that allow you to use your natural birthing instincts, HypnoBirthing® can help you achieve an calmer, easier, faster and more comfortable birth without unnecessary intervention.

How does HypnoBirthing® work?

HypnoBirthing® teaches you to reach a deep state of relaxation using self-hypnosis, a state most people experience at some point every day whilst daydreaming, reading or watching TV.

HypnoBirthing® relaxation allows you to remove unnecessary fear, and where there is no fear, there is no tension, allowing your body to function as it is perfectly designed to do in childbirth.

The Benefits

• Pre-natal bonding
• Improved sleep and health through pregnancy
• Informs you of the choices you can make about your birth
• Shorter labours
• Reduces the need for pain-relief or intervention
• Calmer babies
• Faster recovery
• Fewer cases of post-natal depression

Getting Started:

95% of women can have a comfortable, natural birth. As a first time mom, or for those who already have children, HypnoBirthing® is designed to have a companion assist the mother through her labour, whether this be a husband, partner, mother, sister or close friend.

The birth companion will learn methods to help deepen relaxation, massage techniques, and how to communicate effectively with medical staff to allow the mother to focus on her labour.

You can start HypnoBirthing® after your 20 week scan, ideally around 28 weeks. The techniques take practice and dedication to achieve optimum results.

What you will learn:

Through up to 13 hours of tuition, over 4 or 5 weeks, either in a group or private course, you will learn:
• Physiology
• Anatomy
• How the conscious and subconscious mind work and how relaxation can help improve labour
• Choosing your healthcare provider and facility
• Birth preferences & writing a birth plan
• Pregnancy exercise and nutrition
• Optimal foetal positioning and how the body prepares for labour
• Massage
• Basics of Breastfeeding & Baby Care
• Basics of Postnatal Care
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