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Learn How to Live Better

We do things Holistically and believe in teaching you how to empower yourself!

Self Advancement Workshops

The Mechanics of Anxiety, Stress & Panic. (This workshop is a must for everyone living in our stress-based society!)

The Mechanics of Exam Anxiety, Stress & Panic (14years upward specifically geared for students)

Quit Smoking Instantly! (Be free from the slavery of addiction, easily and instantly!)

MindSave Rescue your Future Mind (Endorsed by the Alzheimer's Association for reducing your risk of developing a dementia in your later years)

Holistic Life Mentoring

Understand yourself as a whole find out how your physical symptoms relate back to your mental and emotional states and learn to heal yourself. Uncover your limiting beliefs and replace them with supportive ones. Combat your mental stress and access your inner and higher self and move towards conscious living.

We also have a variety of downloadable Mind Training Tools to assist you to develop new and supportive beliefs to replace your limiting ones.

Personal Hypno-Coaching

Personal performance-enhancement coaching Success is an attitude that anyone can develop.Improve your attitude and mental game in any field, not just sports.

Dream Analysis - Your Subconscious Mind holds a wealth of insight which it tries to communicate to you symbolically through dreams. If you have had a dream that you feel is significant, come re-explore it in a hypnotic state and understand its personal significance. You can also programme your mind to Have a dream pertaining to a specific problem.

Holistic Health Support

We offer Holistic Health Support through the use of Frequency Solutions, which are safe for babies and adults alike, and your pets too. We believe in addressing the root cause of dis-ease, rather than just treating the symptoms, in an effective, safe, gentle and natural way. We also have a range of Herbal Remedies often used in conjunction with the Frequency Remedies.

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"The Part can never be well unless the whole is well" ~ Plato
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