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NPO support for kids on the streets

Twilight Children was established in 1983 as a soup kitchen providing meals and other psycho-social support for children who were living and working on the street. It later developed into a Shelter for boys and has the capacity to accommodate 106 children. During the transformation process under the new children’s act, all Shelters were required to transform into Child and Youth Care Centre’s. Twilight Children was registered as a Child and Youth Care Centre.

Before the transformation, Twilight Children used to run one of the most successful Outreach Program in the inner city. We had a team of Outreach workers who were working as field workers every day in the streets of Johannesburg and identifying children who were referred to various program operated by the Organisation. The new children’s act no longer allowed us to go directly into the street and referred children into our Centre. All children who are supposed to be accommodated at the Centre should have court orders.

The shelter have seven (7) children who have court orders. The Organisation have the staff capacity of 15 personnel. The funding model by the Department of Social Development changed and all children under our care who did not have court orders were not subsidised. All children who did not have court orders and were above the age of 18 years were removed from the programme.

The number of young adults, those who are between the ages of 18 – 35 years has since increased in the inner city. There are currently few feeding schemes in the city and many young adults are left with no home, education and skills. Our Organisation experience has shown us that since the young adults have been exposed to detrimental conditions in the streets, many has resorted to illicit activities such as mugging, car-breakings, smoking nyaope and other drug related substances. It is no wonder petty-crimes has since increased in the Inner City as reflected in the Nation all crime statistics released by the South African Services.

It is in this connection that Twilight Children Management Board has taken a decision to focus and provide care and support to this missing category of young adults who are between the age of 18-35 years. Twilight Children own three buildings and has the required capacity to provide Shelter, Skills and Psycho-Social support to youth.

Our experience team of social workers, child care workers, community development workers and artists will provide the much needed expertise in this programme.

Twilight Children would like to work in the partnership with the City of Johannesburg in order to provide the much needed services, unless the issue of homelessness among young adults is addressed holistically, crime will remain an obstacles towards clean and safer Johannesburg.

The Target Group
Twilight Children will target disadvantaged children and youth who are currently residing in those regions which are region D, E, F and G. There are many young adults who are currently living and working on the streets on this regions without apparent care and support.

Twilight Children has a long history of Outreach work in the City of Johannesburg. The Organization has been doing Out-Reach work since 1983 during its establishment. Many of the young adults who are currently working and some of them has established their independence living who have been living and working on the streets have been through Twilight Children programs

The target group will be youth from the age of eight (8) to eighteen (18) and the second category of the youth will be from the age of eighteen (18) to thirty-five (35). Those categories will be targeted through our Out-Reach Programme in these regions.

Scope of developmental work

The scope of our Out-Reach work will be informed by the needs and support needed by our target group.

As a service provider, Twilight Children will provide integrated development programme that will help those beneficiaries to be responsible, independent members of our society. Twilight Children undertakes to provide the following programmes in order to accomplish its work.

Social support, counselling, provision of basic necessities, feeding scheme & more

1. Psycho Social Support Programme
• Provision of consulting (individual)
• Provision of group counselling sessions.
• Linking up with community resources through the social worker.
2. Hygiene and Lifestyle Programme
• Provision of clothing.
• Provision of laundry facilities.
• Provision of showers for bathing.
• Provision of toiletries once a month.

3. Feeding Scheme Programme
• Provision of breakfast (tea).
• Provision of lunch meal.
• Provision of supper meal.

4. Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Awareness Programme
• Assessment of drugs and alcohol addicts.
• Refer to relevant rehabilitation centres like SANCA.
• Provide referrals to DSD (Department of Social Development) for placement at rehab.
• Provide temporarily accommodation for thirty (30) to sixty (60) days after rehabilitation.

5. Life Skills Programme
• Refer to life skills programmes.
• Help with jobs preparations.
• Provision of on-going support during job placement.

6. Community Re-Integration Programme
• Linking up with CBO’s, RBO’s, NPO’s.
• Provision of community resource centres.
• Re-Integration into community and society.
• Assist with family location and possible re-unification.

Your offer in time, kind and donation is highly appreciated!

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