Granny Mouse Baby and Toddler House

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venue 3 Susan Street
Benoni East Rand / Ekurhuleni
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time Weekdays: 6.30am to 5.45pm
Closed on public holidays and weekends.
cost Available on request
age From Birth - 4 years old

We at Granny Mouse fully understand the challenges that modern day parents face, not least of which is finding quality day care for your children while you are at work.
Being faced with returning to work after four months of maternity leave, Chantell realized after visiting numerous day care centres and crèches that although there were many such facilities to choose from, none offered the high quality of care, nutrition and stimulation that she was looking for.

It was from these observations that Granny Mouse Baby House was born…..

Mission and Values. At Granny Mouse Baby House, we believe in the following fundamental parenting styles:
* A healthy balance between attachment parenting and hyper scheduling.
* Being gentle in your parenting and care giving will ensure an emotionally stable, confident baby.
* What babies need most in their first 18 months of life is food and copious amounts of love!
* The time your babies spend away from home should be as comfortable and happy as possible.

Nursery school

Whoever said "it takes a village to raise a child" knew what they were talking about! We agree, and hope to play a very important role in each of our babies' lives.

* By catering to the very specific needs of just babies, we provide a wonderful platform for babies to develop physically, emotionally and socially.
* Granny Mouse Baby House strives to equip our babies for a smooth transition to a traditional crèche at a more appropriate age.
* We operate a professional environment geared to ensuring emotional intelligence in our babies, and therefore we believe in responding to our babies needs effectively and without delay.

child safety measures

We also offer the highest quality security features, including:
* Not permitting any babies to leave with family members or friends unless specific arrangements have been made in this regard.
* ADT monitoring.
* Electric fencing.
* Remote access control.
Intercom / camera at entry/exit point.
* Netcare 911 Emergency Medical Response
Viewing by appointment only.

Nap time

* Every baby is issued with a new mattress, waterproof cover sheet and one blanket which is labeled and only used by your baby on registration.
* All babies under 6 months old have apnoea monitors in their cots to monitor throughout sleep time.
* Babies between the ages of 3 and 12 months sleep in cots specifically allocated to each child.
* Babies between 13 and 18 months sleep on mattresses in their dedicated sleep area.
* Sleep and play areas are separated.
* A formal routine is introduced to all age groups, with sleep and awake time being controlled to ensure that your baby gets adequate sleep during the day.


* Love: Unconditional love creates a strong self-esteem and increases brain development.
* Music: Making music together through singing, shaking rattles or banging on pots teaches baby that he is capable of making exciting noises.
* Games: Games are essential in stimulating a baby's social language and co-ordination skills, especially simple, uncomplicated and fast-moving games.
* Educational toys and equipment: Several age appropriate educational baby products ranging from flash cards and specially designed toys and music tapes are used to stimulate brain development.
* Talking: Baby's literacy skills, later vocabulary and reading and writing skills depend on how much the baby engages in conversation from birth! We believe in having constant "conversations" with our babies.
* Reading: Rhyme and repetition are important in the early stages, and helps to reinforce stimulation of those areas of the brain controlling speech.
* Textures: We encourage babies to explore different textures and allow them the time to discover things for themselves.
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