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EDU360 Integrated Education

Right Where We Belong

EDU360 Integrated Education provides many different accredited pathways for youth to unlock their superpowers and achieve their own, unique potential. We create learning opportunities beyond the limits of the mainstream curriculum. We foster confidence beyond the duress of traditional education expectation. Our expert knowledge and international experience enables us to integrate interdisciplinary expertise to best support each student’s specific needs.

By creating an authentically safe and inclusive space, we can challenge our students to achieve, irrespective of their learning difference. Everyone can reach their unique potential, in their own time, pace and way, with the right support and relationships. Supported fully, towards independence.

The Academic Pathway

Offers students that are academically-oriented an opportunity to achieve a matric, using the same approach we employ across all pathways: 360°wrap-around support, identifying and employing all the tools needed for each individual to achieve in their own time and unique way.

Our Academic Pathway works within the international education system run by Cambridge University. We chose this curriculum for the flexibility it offers. It is more skills-based, less content-heavy and offers more exam opportunities, alleviating the anxiety of a high-stake event, and providing the possibility of achieving university entrance.

We lobby for necessary concessions and champion our students through their studies and the process of external exams.

The Vocational Pathway

Offers SETA-accredited courses and qualifications to enter the world of work and become independent, valued members of society. An alternative to a matric, a NQF Level 4 qualification in either Information Technology and Technical Support (ITTS) or Early Childhood Development (ECD) is what the Vocational Academy offers, with our same signature approach: providing complete 360°wrap-around support, identifying and employing all the tools needed for each individual to achieve in their own time and unique way.

Our curriculum, methodologies and understanding of how to manage barriers to learning and SEN, enables students to be job-ready and functional in the workplace. Our carefully considered approach accommodates and calms the fears of our students. We run our programmes at a slow, manageable pace, which supports and enables our students to process and comprehend key learning skills to the best of their ability.

The Pivot Pathway

Offers an internationally recognised personal development programme (ASDAN) with established meaningful learning outcomes, which provide students with a school leaving certificate.

The Pivot Pathway offers the students an opportunity to implement core learning subjects including Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Science, and Life Skills in a real-life setting, in a way that engages and empowers students to further their education to take charge of their lives and move towards greater independence.

In addition we have a dedicated Physical Education incorporated into our curriculum. Our focus is on building coordination and core strength while having fun and breathing some fresh air. With PE and our Sports Clubs, we keep our superheroes in tip-top form, ready for action!

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