Edu-lab Homeschool Support Center

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venue 19 Orpen Road
Oakdene Johannesburg South Johannesburg
time Mon to Friday: 8am - 5pm

cost Sessions during the day:
Registration fee:
R500 (once off)

Tutoring full day:
Foundation phase:
Grades 1-3
R3500 p/m

Tutoring full day:
Intermediate phase:
Grades 4 and 6
R3800 p/m

Tutoring full day:
Senior phase:
Grade 7-9
R4100 p/m

Tutoring full day:
FET Phase
Grades 10-11
R4500 p/m

Tutoring full day:
FET Phase & NSC
Grade 12
R4800 p/m
age From 7 years - 18 years old

Homeschool centre

Edu-lab homeschool support center is a unique learning center that considers the many needs of learners, not only from an academic point of view but from a holistic one. We aim to encompass many facets of curriculum and integrate them into fun, creative and exploratory ways of learning. We take into consideration that no two children are the same and learn in different ways, and thus apply different teaching and learning styles. We aim to include as much out of the box thinking as possible.

The center is the brainchild of Victoria Sosa, who holds a diverse range of qualifications, from a BA (Psych & Comm Sci), to a Post Graduate (Cert in Education), Foundation Phase (Cum Laude), and Hons (Inclusive Education Special Needs) (Cum Laude).

Individualised attention, interactive environment

Victoria Sosa’s vision for Edu-Lab Home School Support Center was to create a highly immersive and focused learning environment that offers high-level tutoring for home learners. The focus is on individualized attention, but in an interactive environment that makes all learners feel part of a special family.

We have found that the traditional concept of the classroom does not always make the best use of the teaching environment. Especially considering that many of our learners have learning difficulties and would therefore require different teaching approaches and styles that are in conducive and creative learning spaces.

What makes the Edu-Lab Home School Support Centre unique is that we have developed laboratories as opposed to classrooms.
The different and multiple labs concept was born from the idea to incorporate many different subjects into specific learning spaces, where learners are given the opportunity to move from lab to lab, and allow them to still be engaged and eager to learn new and specific content in each space.

Each laboratory focuses on a specific area of education and is fitted out and decorated accordingly. The aim is to distinguish these different learning areas by creating specially themed environments that are fun, flexible, and creative. They evoke interest and curiosity in our learners, which is a key requirement to absorbing knowledge.

Another concept that is unique to Edu-lab is the use of flexible seating throughout our center: We make use of flexible seating throughout the center, which has shown tremendous improvements and benefits.
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