Capoeira Valence

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venue Sloane Square Shopping Centre
corner Sloane street and William Nicol
Bryanston Johannesburg North
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cost From R570 per month
age From 3 years - All ages

Brazilian martial art of dance fighting

In layman's terms, if gymnastics, break dancing and karate had a baby it would be Capoeira. Capoeira is a martial art that combines, self defence, acrobatic movement (ground and air), music and dance to create a beautiful flowing martial art that has many physical and mental benefits such as fitness, de-stressing, strength gain, weight loss, confidence to only mention a few.

Benefits of Capoeira for kids

The benefits for kids goes far beyond. Movements in Capoeira encourage
- midline crossing
- multi-tasking in terms of coordinating physical movements along with speech mechanisms (singing)
- and sensory integration.

The acrobatic movements provide vestibular and cerebellar stimulation which are beneficial in combating concentration concerns as well as other learning difficulty symptoms.

Long term and short term memory are regularly used and accessed to retain sequences and new movements learnt over a period of time. The school has, in the past, had letters from parents describing the improvements in school work and the reduction in learning difficulty symptoms associated with Dyslexia and ADHD.

fun, stimulating & unique

As with many martial arts, Capoeira offers self-defense, but in a class environment you are taught to evade contact and express yourself in a more acrobatic way. This form of Martial art is serious, yet fun, stimulating and has something unique to offer each participant.
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