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venue East Rand / Ekurhuleni
Pretoria / Tshwane
Vaal Triangle / Sedibeng
West Rand
time Mon to Sun
cost Shows1&2: R2000/show thereafter R25/child
Show3: R1800/show thereafter R25/child
Show4&5: R2500/show thereafter R30/child
All Social/Emotional Learning Tools Puppet shows: R1800/show
Making puppets (Optional)

Paper mache: puppets R100 per puppet (includes all accessories)
For bookings contact Linda on 061 509 6360 or or visit our website
age From 2 years - 11 years old

Puppet show entertainment for kids parties

We can supply catering for your party with Ilze Volman from Little Cakes with Attitude. Click here to view their website or contact 076 800 6488

Four Brand new shows featuring Social/Emotional Learning tools! (Available in English or Afrikaans)

A) The Party (Self-Awareness, Impulse control) Ages 3-4. School gets to keep all game/exercise equipment. Show is 25-35 mins. Matty is helping Sarah set up for Matty's birthday party. Will Matty be able to control her impulses and not scream out or grab stuff? Luckily Sarah and the friends will help Matty with some handy tools to control her impulses. After the show Sarah will play games with the little ones aiding impulse control. A song will be learned by all to reinforce the theme of the show.

B) My Big Feelings (Self-management, name that feeling) Ages 3-4. School gets to keep all game/exercise equipment. Show is 25-35 mins. Mong likes to bake and Sarah is helping bake his favourite treat. Mong gets frustrated and his feelings are all over the place. Sarah teaches Mong to name his feelings and what to do if they get overwhelming. After the show Sarah hands out each child's calm down kit and provide teacher with materials for the 'let's talk corner'. A song is learned by all to reinforce the theme of the show.

C) Why is Mondo so shy? (Social Awareness, Relationship skills)Ages 5-6.School keeps all game/exercise equipment. Show is 25-35 mins. Mondo is very shy. He doesn't want to meet the new friends. With guidance from Sarah she and the friends help Mondo cope better with his shyness and we all learn how to start a conversation. After the show Sarah plays relationship building games. We all learn the relationship song.

D) Don't eat that shoe! (Mastering better decision making) Ages5-6. Mong is always hungry. He will try to eat anything. Today Mong wants to eat one of the friends' shoe. Mong throws a tantrum and is nasty to his new friend. Sarah and the friends help[ Mong learn the code-'how we treat each other' - helping him to make better decisions.

Show1: The circus is here (show available in Afrikaans and English)

The citizens of Numble Tumble can hardly contain their excitement when king Numble announces that the famous Fussy Wassy Circus is coming to town. Bessie helps Malvin against the nasty bully Mr Beany Meany the circus boss. The show takes the audience on an imaginative journey of self discovery and teaches the virtue of kindness to others. This adorable 25 min hand puppet show is suitable for ages 3 - 8.

Show2: Mess monsters (show available in Afrikaans and English)

The toys in Alex’s room are fed up and sad. They never get tidied up and everyday more and more of them brake or they just disappear! What’s happening? Come join Alex and his toys on a song filled adventure of a lifetime. Figure out the mystery of the lost toys. Who’s behind it and how can the nasty Mess Monsters be stopped! This funky interactive 30-minute puppet show is suited for children age 3 – 11. The show teaches the value of tiding up.

Show3:Sharing is caring (available in English)

Poor Al the crab is sad, he has no home to live in. A big scary fish tries to catch poor Al, but he's safed by Sal the anemone. Al and Sal then share a shell. They're joined by Mel the bristle worm who keeps things nice and clean. But every one grows and eventually they become to big for their home. The friends fight and split up...What will happen next? This beautiful 20 min puppet show is suitable for ages 2-5 and teaches the virtue of sharing.

Show4: Miemsie and the very naughty lion. (available in Afrikaans and English, 35mins)

Based on the classic, Little Red Riding Hood, this African version based on the book by Alex T. Smith will have young and old roaring with laughter. Miemsie has to go to grandma’s house. Grandma woke up with Spottelitus! On her way she passes by several of her bush friends like, Jimmy the old crocodile, the monkey brothers, Mama Giraffe and her baby who all warn her about the very Naughty Lion. When she finally reaches Grandma’s house she’s immediately suspicious…. But she won’t be taken for a fool. Miemsie will teach the very Naughty Lion a lesson… African style!

Show5:Wolf, pig, rabbit and bear. (30 min show. Available in Afrikaans, 30 mins)

This is a brand new show! Wolf writes a book 'How to catch a rabbit'. Unfortunately all his plans fail because of Bear. Pig watches and comments on Wolf's silly plans to catch Rabbit. In the end Wolf writes another book 'How to become a vegetarian' much safer and much easier.
Also available to steam -

Puppet show & puppet making for kids parties

You can have a meet-and-greet and great photo opportunity (on request)with the characters of the shows afterwards.
We also offer "make your own puppets" (at extra cost). The puppets are supplied and the children get to paint and create their own puppets for their own puppet show.
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