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age From Birth - 12 years old

What is Early Intervention for kids?

Research has proven Early Intervention to be the best form of treatment for Developmental Disabilities, in particular with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Early Intervention is based on the rapid brain growth and brain flexibility in repairing damage within the first 7 years of life, with the critical years between birth and 5 years.

The aim for early intervention is to address the areas that are delayed and develop them in a systematic and natural manner. An Early Intervention program will be designed specifically for your child and will use a range of therapeutic techniques such as Applied Behavioural Analysis, Floor Time, and Relationship Development Intervention. This will ensure that your program is best suited to the needs of your child. Early Intervention has been found to be the most effective means of ensuring your child is as functional as possible and achieves his/her full potential.

Why Home - Based Intervention?

Providing intervention in the most naturalistic environment has been shown to be the most effective means of ensuring skills are learnt across environments. Home-based intervention also enables the family to play an active and important role in their child's development.
Intervention cannot be done in isolation and you as a parent cannot be left to struggle alone. It is important for parents, siblings and extended family to feel empowered in their ability to manage their child's behaviours and develop their skills.

Social skills classes for kids

For children and adolescents who become uncomfortable and stressed in social situations.These children may be able to cope in academic situations and attend a preschool, mainstream, remedial or special school yet struggle to play or maintain friendships.
Starting and ending conversations
Sharing & turn-taking
Anger management
Bullying & teasing

Cool Kids Anxiety Program

An anxiety treatment program for children with High Functioning Autism and Asperger's. This program is run individually and in small groups and is available for preschool and school aged children.
Learning about feelings and anxiety
Detective thinking and problem solving
Relaxation skills
Cognitive restructuring and using 'worry stories'
Visual supports and work systems
Ways parents can help
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