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Child safety

As the mother to two young children, I have realised that child safety is the responsibility and obligation of every parent and guardian. After all, we all want the best for our children. Being a parent in today's times is challenging enough so I have strived to find the products, the tools and resources to make life easier & simpler for parents and for kids.

My mission is to ensure that our safety products are affordable and available to parents across the country, and to create child safety awareness, whether at home, while eating, in the bath, in the garden, in the car, in the pool, while travelling or shopping or just being 'out an about". Contact us on the email address above for a price list or a list of shops that stock our products in your area or visit our website http://www.4akid.co.za

Child safety products

Our product range includes baby proofing items, child safety products, even goodies for moms and dads to make life easier.
In the pool: Safety Angel Pool Alarm
While eating: Everywhere Chair, Baby Cubes
In the bath: Snug Tub Baby Bath, Tubbly Bubbly
In the car: Secure A Kid Safety Harness, Easy Sleepers, 4aKid Car Strap Clip, Preggy Protector
While travelling, shopping or just out and about: 4aKid Child Safety Harness or wrist straps, Mommy Iím Here child locators, Mommy Iím Here Alerts, pram liners, Infobands,

Baby clothing & accessories, maternity product

Baby accessories and clothing: Huggalugs Baby Leg and Arm warmers, Noo Wear, Elodie Details, Smitten, 4aKid Couture.

Feeding and nursing: Moo Breast-Feeding covers
While pregnant: Preggy Protector, Wonder Wedge pillow, Safe-er-Grip

Prices range from R25 to R350, making them easy on your pocket.
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