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Does my kid need help with his/her grades? If so, where do I begin? Find a list of tutors and companies that provide group and individual extra lessons for kids and teens in Maths, Accounting, English, study skills and any other subject in Gauteng.

How to use our tutoring services directory

A brief study of your kids report and an even more detailed discussion with the teacher can leave you anxious, to say the least. Once you have identified problem areas , you may click on the relevant subject to find a tutoring service in an area near you that offers extra lessons with private tutors or in group classes.

Different strokes for different folks

Requiring tuition does not mean your child lacks in intellect. Very few individuals can boast intellect in every subject – and then these too may be lacking in other fundamental skills. For the rest, recognising your children’s strengths in some subjects and weaknesses in others is key in understanding their needs and coming to their assistance. Your kids report and basic interest in certain areas over others will be indicative of this and you will soon have a clear idea of the exact subjects you may need extra lessons in.

Try as you may, assisting your kid in the little free time you have at the end of an exhausting day can spell disaster. Besides being at your wits end, understanding the ever changing curriculum will demand that you first study the work at hand before trying to explain it to your child. For those scrambling for time and finding difficulty in understanding new concepts, there’s help! Find a tutor that is abreast with the latest curriculum, GDE requirements and teachers expectations.

Schooling, as most parents know it, has changed tremendously in the last few decades. Most schools are forced to have many kids in a class, with just one teacher. This increased student- teacher ratio has resulted in many kids not getting the required attention or focus in class. Thus the trend and need for tuition has grown. Most kids would require re-inforcement of concepts taught in class, and the onus lies with the parent to either become the teacher or get help from a reliable tutor service.

Some kids learn quickers in group study sessions whilst others need the individual, personal attention. Fortunately the many tuition services in Gauteng offer choices in both, and one can almost tailor make the kind of service required.

Matrics in need

The term matric is enough to send many kids into a frenzy. With all round pressure from schools, universities, parents, extended families, society, and peers – no matriculant can be confident enough to take on matric in their stride. Numerous study aids become the kids best friend, and yet students feel the need to be better equipped for the much talked about prelims and final exams. The tutoring services in Gauteng and nationwide all recognise this need and have come to the kids rescue. Matric tutors have developed an eye for popular questions, are familiar with examiners expectations and marking strategies. If nothing else, they provide the comfort and confidence your child needs in getting through this phase of his/her life.


Getting organised and flying high – independently

One of the greatest life skills is being organised! Organising yourself in such a way that you lead a balanced life and can be ahead of your responsibilities. Apart from that, another great skill is to be self-reliant. Spoonfed kids may flourish through primary years and most of high school – but eventually this tide will fall and all will crumble. Be weary of finding a tuition service that promises to do all for your kid – Instead, find a service that will better equip your child in the fundamental skills of being organised and independent, a service that will guide in the best study methods as opposed to studying and drawing mind maps for your child. At the same time – be weary of being a helicopter mum – if you have chosen a reliable institution , leave it in their hands and let your kid soar on his own wings.

Begin the search..

Its quite simple. Browse the tuition section to find a tuition service that offers classes in the subject of concern, that is not only convenient to travel to, but also offers great rates and more importantly matches your childs personality – one that he can relate to and is renowned for excellent results.
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