Kids transportation services to school and extra murals in Gauteng


Getting in and around in Gauteng can be easy with these great transportation services. Find a list of companies that offer kids transportation to and from schools and extra murals, airport shuttle services and some that cater for your general transport needs in Gauteng

Disclaimer for transport services:

While every effort has been made to ensure that these companies are all operating within legal parameters and all requirements have been met, the onus is on you to request all relevant certification and licensing from the chosen company - Click here to find more information on the government website.

How to use the transport services directory

If you are looking for transport for your children to and from school or extra murals find a list of kid’s transportn services by clicking on schools/extra murals. If it is transport to or from OR Tambo or Lanseria airports, click on airport shuttles. For general day-to-day transport requirements or group bookings click on groups/general.

Kid’s transportation

Often in movies, we see the international trend of kids getting to and from school on the school bus. Happy, and sometimes sad, kids all anxious for the day ahead – running with their last bits of breakfast in their hand in case they miss the bus. In SA, this is hardly the case. Very few schools offer this service. Most kids walk to school, others use the trains and taxis, and some are chauffeured by mum’s or dad’s taxis or transport services for kids. Fortunately there is a remarkable array of services that will take your child to school at a fee in Gauteng. In this directory you will find some companies that service areas in Johannesburg , others that send their drivers to suburbs in the East Rand or the West Rand , Midrand and Pretoria. In each of these areas you will be able to search by suburb to find something that suits your needs.

Up, up and away you go

But wait! Flights are booked, accommodation looks great, passports in order, baggage checked, house-sitting and pet-sitting interviews carried out – but how are you getting there? A quick survey of best rates and options between airport parking services, catching the Gautrain, and Uber services leaves you feeling a little perplexed. Internal transfers, or transportation services to and from the two major airports, viz: OR Tambo and Lanseria can be arranged quite effortlessly. These airports shuttle services have the added convenience of door- to–door services, operating in Gauteng. Bon Voyage! Have a safe trip.
Once again, whilst every effort has been made to verify these companies, the onus remains on you to verify their credentials.

Two’s company, three’s a group

Family holidays, sports tournaments, conferences and the like are only fun when you travel together from the onset. It is often said that one only truly knows a person when travelling together – so, hey! Catch a ride together, and see what’s on the inside. Does she sleep in the car? Does he smoke on the bus? Does he munch his nerves away right through the journey? Does she avoid drinks, so as to avoid toilet-stops? Find out by booking group travel! You’d probably save some money too by splitting costs. These companies also offer day-to- day general transportation services , for those odd days when your car needs a service, or you just feel like being chauffeured, resting the mind and body.

Drive your search

Find the company that ideally suits your transportation requirements by selecting the type of service you require, and then counter checking rates, areas, and of course credentials. Whatever your fancy, browse these pages to find the company that drives you best.
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